#DOCTORWHO | #DOCTORWHODAY- 53 Years anniversary – all the regenerationS for the moment from 1963 in Coal Hill, 76 Totters Lane ……

Today, it’s been the fifty third year anniversary of “Doctor Who” as it all started with BBC’s innovative Television Writer Verity Ann Lambert, -OBE, which was the founding producer, writer for one of the iconic Science Fiction series older than Star Trek, she was producer of Doctor who (1963-1965)..

Also apart from the iconic Blue Police Box, seen first in that warehouse in Coal Hill, on that episode “Unearthly Child’ featuring the first Doctor – Mr. Foreman- William Hartnell, his Granddaughter- Susan Foreman – Carol Anne Ford, with her two Coal Hill teachers, Barbara Wright- Jacqueline Hill, Ian Chesterton- William Russell.. …. One other of many iconic processes of the series, is the regeneration process in where the initial Galiferyian body of the Time lords, have a self-repairing process in which the Body regenerates newly in the same or different gender or age cycle.. In which in the process gives a more innovative approach on the actor/actress input of what their Doctor would be like in inheriting the previous back storyline when it time to regenerate.. .. As from William Hartnell, Doctor from 23rd November 1963 to the present ..who is your favorite Doctor, and why…?

William Hartnell (The Tenth Planet – 1966)
Patrick Troughton (The War Games – 1969)
Jon Pertwee (Planet of the Spiders – 1974)
Tom Baker (Logopolis – 1981)
Peter Davison (The Caves of Androzani – 1984)
Colin Baker (Time and the Rani – 1987)
Sylvester McCoy (The TV Movie – 1996)
Paul McGann (The Night of the Doctor – 2013)
John Hurt (The Day of the Doctor – 2013)
Christopher Eccleston (The Parting of the Ways – 2005)
David Tennant (The End of Time – 2010)
Matt Smith (The Time of the Doctor – 2013)

Peter Capaldi- (The presently current Doctor)


DOCTOR WHO #CLASS | New York Comic Con 2016- full panel…. in case you missed what really happen in Coal Hill …?

“I used to be the Caretaker here…” The Doctor…

In case you missed the Comic Con 2016 Panel of “CLASS” in New York at the at the Theater at Madison Square Garden a spin off from “Doctor Who” in remembrances placement of the Sarah Jane Adventures… where her adventures also takes place at Coal Hill too.. Also another Class of students take that place of adventuring, investigating the moments of Time and Space with where the Doctor have left also Clara Oswald has left off too from Coal Hill High in which has a price where the skin of Time and Space where it’s so thin that it has tears in that fabric where things happen..

Also the CLASS panel, Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins and Vivian Oparah along with Patrick Ness and Brian Minchin. Talks about Coal Hill Academy where sometimes people in the Coal Hill neighborhood, don’t talk the goings on.. in which you’ll see these  four students will discover for themselves has this panel discuss how the premise of class where their characters have to endure those late teenage life in those sixth form years…..and how those years they more learn about themselves further as the eight episodes continues onwards.. Also they discus behind the scenes adventuring where they sneak into the Doctor who studio sets, also the wardrobe…..

DOCTOR WHO – #CLASS | the introductionally trailer… what’s to come is back to Coal Hill…

“I used to be the Caretaker here… You remember me yeah…?” The Doctor…

Since the departure of the “Sarah Jane Adventures” on BBC three, with the passing of the late Elisabeth Sladen whom plays Sarah Jane Smith still a Companion of the Doctor once adventured  in Time and Space on the TARDIS, Doctor Who, now but residing with adventurously in the British suburbs with another Doctor’s Companion K-9 also with her fellow friends  battling it out without the  Doctor’s intervention but comes in every now and then…

Ever since the show departure, there’s been a vacancy spot in that spin off genre and premise.. in its replacement of that vacancy “CLASS” featuring on BBC 3 featuring back to the very old neighbouring old days of where we see the Doctor, his granddaughter Susan Foreman, The Tardis, also the other two companions, the teachers of Susan whom travelled with the Doctor… in that very first generation episode of “The Unearthly Child”.. So this time we’ve been taken back to Coal Hill, where Clara Owsin Oswald- Jenna Coleman taught in Coal Hill High, now probably now an Academy…

The premise takes place in Coal Hill Academy, where it all began in 1963, or the present place actually, with a group of students from the academy sort off noticing strange things, anomalies, shadows are occurring within the confines of the neighborhood where  thinking this series takes places decade or more or less after when Clara left off from the Trap Street, Raven incident…  it sets around with a group of teenagers in their late senior years of sixth form, where they have to deal with everyday common teenage attributes, friends, parents, homework, girlfriends, boyfriends issues, sex… also noticing the walls of Time and Space have stretch so thinly at Coal Hill, noticing it more is Physic Teacher Ms Quill-Katherine Kelly..  With Nigel Betts whom reprises role as Mr Armitage whom was from Into the Daleks episode among with more of The Caretaker, and Dark Water…….This series takes on real life issues, also written just as darkly as Joss Wheldon’s Buffy the vampire slayer writing style where it’s penned, written darker than any other teenage premise series, like it penned written like Steven Moffatt’s Sherlock, and Mr Hyde.. yes that Darken written..

The series in which is set to air, screen on BBC three on 22 October 2016 –For Tonight we might Die, with the following The couch with the Dragon Tattoo, written by Patrick Ness….. for a eight episode series…  then following will be screen on BBC one..