DOCTOR WHO #CLASS | New York Comic Con 2016- full panel…. in case you missed what really happen in Coal Hill …?

“I used to be the Caretaker here…” The Doctor…

In case you missed the Comic Con 2016 Panel of “CLASS” in New York at the at the Theater at Madison Square Garden a spin off from “Doctor Who” in remembrances placement of the Sarah Jane Adventures… where her adventures also takes place at Coal Hill too.. Also another Class of students take that place of adventuring, investigating the moments of Time and Space with where the Doctor have left also Clara Oswald has left off too from Coal Hill High in which has a price where the skin of Time and Space where it’s so thin that it has tears in that fabric where things happen..

Also the CLASS panel, Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins and Vivian Oparah along with Patrick Ness and Brian Minchin. Talks about Coal Hill Academy where sometimes people in the Coal Hill neighborhood, don’t talk the goings on.. in which you’ll see these  four students will discover for themselves has this panel discuss how the premise of class where their characters have to endure those late teenage life in those sixth form years…..and how those years they more learn about themselves further as the eight episodes continues onwards.. Also they discus behind the scenes adventuring where they sneak into the Doctor who studio sets, also the wardrobe…..