AIRBUS | first asinana airlines A380-MSN 152- HL7625- gets livery painted… ?

During this year South Korean “Asinana Airlines” got its first “Airbus 380-800”, in the process of being manufactured, assembled in Toulouse -France… once finally assemble, checked certified  then it gets flown to Airbus’s advanced Paint Shop in Hamburg German.. normally the tail section gets it livery first as an aircraft indicator on the manufacturing  floor..  The painting process from bringing the aircraft in the hanger paint shop building 222, detailly located on the spot, masking out the essential details. Then it robotically it gets a massive dose of primer then primary coat of Paint… Then waiting for once it’s dry it gets remasked with a bandages of stencils again for the extra details that reciped in the carriers livery fine tuning it out for like a car that you just ordered only a week ago..