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On 5th July 2019, it’s the fifteen missions for the AirbusArianeSpace Vega Carrier Rocket in which is the most versatile launcher as it’s the most new Carrier Rocket in the series among others in the Airbus –ArianeSpace fleet…. Launching the Versatile Vega Carrier Rocket from the Guiana Space Centre… Termed flight VV16 marking the 12th mission to carrying forwarding as an Earth Observation mission…

Airbus-Airbus Space And Defense- Thales Alenia Space – UAEAF – Armed Forces of the United Emirates- Falcon Eye One..

The VV16 Mission, FalconEye1 launching from Spaceport, French Guiana (Guiana Space Center) in which will be placed in Sun-Synchronous orbit…. Manufactured by Airbus Space and Defense also in collaboration with Thales Alenia Space in developing the Earth Observation Satellite for the UAEAF – Armed Forces of the United Emirates… upon delivery in to orbit the Emirati Engineers will take operational Control of the FalconEye One

The FalconEye1 of two it’s twin sister will be launch on the same duplicated Vega Carrier Rocket… Both provisionments is design as an Earth Observation Satellite, in placement of the SSO – Sun Synchronous Orbit into heliosynchronous orbit at 611 Kilometers… With extremely definition high resolution optical capabilities in which is linkage to an onboard installation onboard that will analysed the observational data ground based  equipment to process the images… the Heritage design is based on French National Satellite Program on almost like the Pleiades Satellite Heritage program..


9:53:03 P.M. (JULY 5) WASHINGTON D.C.

10:53:03 P.M. (JULY 5) KOUROU

1:53:03 (JULY 6) UTC

 3:53:03 A.M. (JULY 6) PARIS

 5:53:03 A.M. (JULY 6) ABU DHABI

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On 21st August 2018, from the AirbusArianespaceESA- European Space Agency– French Guiana, it is the twelfth flight of the Vega Carrier Rocket, it which it’s the fifth launch for the year….  The Vega Carrier Rocket carries with a scientific payload with weather instrumentation for advance weather forecasting… also flight VV12 is the demonstration flight in enhancing the Vega Carrier Rocket versatility also it adaptive to various mission specifications …

Launching from the Vega Launch Complex, on 21st August 2018, with the launch window time of 0620 Hours local time in the morning..  in which the mission launch duration from launch towards deployment of the payload satellite is fifty five minutes and fifty seven seconds..


The payload is a ESA-European Space Agency ESA’s Aeolus Satellite it’s a Weather Forecasting satellite that be deployed into SSO- Sun Synchronous Orbit, in which will be place in 320 Kilometers above earth.. Manufactured by Airbus Defense and Space, with an operational life cycle of three years and three months based on Mars Express Design satellite platform in which that platform was modified towards weather forecasting specifications with the aspects of high data gathering of long term research of studying This Planet Earth’s atmosphere utilizing various instrumentation with a Doppler wind LIDAR called Aladin (Atmospheric LAser Doppler INstrument) – an advanced laser system designed to timely and accurately measure global wind-profiles from space. Aeolus will probe the atmosphere with pioneering ultraviolet laser pulses, which will enhance the understanding of tropical dynamics and processes relevant to climate variability.

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On the seventh November 2017, from Arianespace on a Night time launched successfully from its Guiana Space Center- European Space Spaceport in French Guiana in which is located in South America on which took place on 2241 hours local time..  In previous launches from Arianespace It has been in combinations with its Ariane five and six also the traditional Soyuz carrier rocket…

Launching from the French Guiana Space Center- European Spaceport is the new rocket in the series is the Vega Rocket… the sleek version of its sisters. In placing this launch is the eleventh time successfully launched for this series as a moderate light launcher carrier rocket…

The Payload in question is the manufacturer contractor Thales Alenia Space; also Airbus manufactured Telecommunications- Earth observation satellite MOHAMMED VI, placed in Sun Synchronous orbit for the Kingdom of Morocco…  MOHAMMED VI, is designed provision is for landscape surveying for regional agricultural development monitoring… in which critical data analysis for the natural disasters, environmental, desertification monitoring and prevention..  Also their other provision is border and coastal surveillance…