#AlreadyTomorrowInHongKong #DiscoverHongKong | #香港 #HongKong #TreasuresOfTheHeart #深水埗 #ShamShuiPo- behind the scenes of Shan Shui Po Stories- Featuring Director Chan Chi Fat….


In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Discover Hong Kong in collaboration with Time Out Hong Kong- Treasures of the Heart ..  these collaborative intriguing adventures around Hong Kong, in which each street, neighbourhood  has its own story to tell historically with the present residing with that constantly written pages as each day unfold..

One district of Hong Kong in which is iconic for its collections of hard to finds items in which is in a region district within Kowloon in which is north western part of the Kowloon district name…  A historical vibrant neighbourhood 深水埗 Sham Shui Po translated as Deep Water Pier.. is a place in which you may find interesting relics form history transcending into being reused, recycled resold in street markets in which Sham Shui Po has been known for with among with iconic street marts colourful street markets stalls.. among the street markets it’s also where heart of Hong Kong’s Fashion starts from with fabrics, textiles assortments stalls where well know Hong Kong Fashion Designers started there seamstress , tailorship from……even though Shan Shui Po is a well less neighbour it’s richness lies with the people of Sham Shui Po..

Discover Hong Kong – Among the streets of 深水埗 Sham Shui Po .. is also a food adventure where you can find family run food stores that they cook Chinese Cuisine from hundreds of generations ago..

 In behind the scenes of the “Hong Kong-Treasures of the Heart – Sham Shui Po Stories” in which is directed by Hong Kong Home grown Director Chan Chi Fat, in which making there micro film of the stories shares his Childhood Stories memories of the community that he lives in.. In which Chan Chi Fat’s mother would go towards the Sham Shui Po neighbourhood district for shopping throughout the whole district from street to street combing with the younger Chan Chi Fat beside her, in which what impresses him most is anyone whom visit Sham Shui Po ends up spending the whole day in a place where it’s like a treasure trove of community richness in which you could discover many interesting gems   ..  He remembers before a Director, an Assistant before he came to Sham Shui Po looking for Props, looking around he found this camera ever since he’s been taken numerous intriguing photography with his new founded camera, exploring the neighbourhood district with different angles through the lens you’ll see many people with different personalities, stories behind them….

in 深水埗 Sham Shui Po “…. With if you follow your heart, you will come with great designs that suit you best , the Extra Button creates new meaning for a timeless piece of clothing that will be passed down through generations ….”

With the collaboration on the project, gladly to have chance to collaborate with screen writer Candace Chong again, both share the same vision to visualize the real social side of the place in our stories in which doing some serious field research in which getting to know the people whom live, work there, in the hope to capture real life stories in putting them from screenplay, production to film.. in one elements is zooming onto many iconic Sham Shui Po features like the story of the white Sugar sponge Cake, in which is about a family whom lived in the neighbourhood for years,   in which every time they come back they visitingly rekindle with their old friends and neighbours…… in which the other story element is forgotten flavour, a Flavour that sparks of rekindling back of childhood memories, the places that once knew… Once filming the production team felt a strong sense of rekindling bonds within the community, The Rice roll stores, in which opens every day closes very late at night so the people could come to get it for breakfast also Soya Milk…  in which during the production of the project they asked if they could rent their store for filming. …. The first thing they didn’t asked for money , it was that the store must remain open to service the people, in they didn’t want to stay closed, just in case their customer can get their breakfast.. In not letting their customers down also looking forward having their food..  Director Chan Chi Fat, hope that visitors will be drawn into towards the warmth richness stories of the microfilms of the Sham Shui Po Community also its people also its small stores……

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