STAR TREK ONLINE |The Ranger Class- something like a battle cruiser.. ?

STAR TREK ONLINE - The Ranger Class
STAR TREK ONLINE – The Ranger Class


The Ranger Class- battle cruiser is one vessel next to Tier up from a Tier two Constitution Class to a Tier five ship… given its size its smaller length than next to Constitution Class given that if you want to upgrade from that unless you waiting for the Constitution Class retrofit.  The Ranger Class is more tougher even though its hull strength is three times more than the Constitution Class (12,000) with a base hulling rating of 36,000… having finding this ship is pretty small in compare what I’m used to now with larger heavier ships like the T6 Star-odyssey class.. it’s like a relearning back what I used to fly when I first started out with medium small ships..

The Ranger Class even though it’s doesn’t fashionable fit the 25th century,  but when you look at the baseline specifications it’s a very tough modest ship given the four forward and rear weapons consoles, in which it can be utilized with all forwarding dual cannons with one torpedo also with all after turrets given that you maxing out on all rapid fires on you bridge officers abilities… with a modest distance in mind when approaching your target.. The Ranger is basically a Tactical, Engineering ship, with science that comes to mind with LT. Commander Science Bridge seating …


The Ranger class
The Ranger class

As I was looking at the stats, and as I was modifying the Ranger its design to have maximum weapons firepower due to plus ten onto weapons and engines power so a fleet engine to weapons warp core should provide a best choice for a rapid weapons cool down, in which this ship is highly maneuverability in all cases so cannons and turrets are the best prescription for the Ranger given the ships centre mass is so very closed.. Unless you have a different skillset in mind..

The Ranger comes with a Universal Console – Photonic Decoy Beacon.. in which it sends out a decoy only a short distance behind its existing position least five kilometers away giving that your enemies that you’re there..

The tier five Ranger class –battle cruiser specifications..

Tier: 5

Faction: Starfleet

Rank Required: Rear Admiral

Hull Strength: 36,000

Shield Modifier: 1.05

Fore Weapons: 4

Aft Weapons: 4

Device Slots: 3

Bridge Officer Stations: 1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical, 1 Ensign Tactical, 1 Commander Engineering, 1 Lieutenant Commander Science, 1 Ensign Universal

Console Modifications: 3 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 2 Science

Base Turn Rate: 10

Impulse Modifier: 0.15

Inertia: 55

+10 to Weapons and +10 to Engines

Console – Universal – Photonic Decoy Beacon

Molecular Reconstruction

Cruiser Command Array

Command – Shield Frequency Modulation

Command – Weapon System Efficiency