NASA- SPACE LAUNCH SYSTEMS| Michoud Assembly Facility- Massive fuel tank done in sixty seconds- Built


As the build up to the “NASA’s Space Launch Systems” in preparations in returning back to the moon Luna, then towards the rusty orange Planet Mars, with ongoing efforts in establishing an outpost on research, exploration, commercial, also tourism on those two… as the First Test flight of the Constellation Program – SLS is underway for the for the launch calendar year 2018, no later than November launch window… on a re-built-recondition Launch complex –LC 39B at Kennedy Space Center in Florida that was once launched by the STS- Space Transportation Systems, The Space Shuttle program- the Work Truck of NASA.. With the Orion command module on-board to test the full stack of its systems before a manned test flight to see if any other modifications, tweaking, and turning are required to rebuild another variant of the original SLS rocket..

In this see that preparations of a forty meter long SLS liquid hydrogen fuel tank constructed with a new tooling systems at Vehicle Assembly Center at NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans…. In where this major component is of the first stage in which it takes up least two thirds of sixty five meter first stage among its other component in which stores the Liquid Oxygen in where the two it feeds the powerful four RS-25 engines that was once used on the Tri-cluster Space Shuttle Main Engines, now heavily modified for the SLS program, also with a pair five segmentation SRB’s Solid Rocket Boosters on each sides.. Using the same design heritage from the STS-Space Shuttle program..

Apart from the forty meter Liquid Hydrogen tank is the testing for flight qualification to see whether to see if it sustains to any form of extreme stresses that may be impose on it to see if any other modifications learning experiences  that are learn from that testing at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama…