STAR TREK ONLINE | Agents of Yesterday- the 50th Anniversary …………..


As the build up to the fifty years anniversary to “Star Trek” also celebrating that anniversary “Star Trek Online” has introduce the next major third expansion in which leads to another epic storyline from a major incident the Iconian War…. In this we re-visit The Original Series in the timeline of Constitution Class Enterprise at the time of Captain James T. Kirk also with well-known characters of that era.. As to Agents of Yesterday there are two iconic actors in reprising their roles Chekov- Walter Koenig and also Chris Doohan in place of his late Father James Doohan as Captain Montgomery  Scott in which is known as Scotty..

Also as part of the third story in which takes place alongside the Temporal Front  as a lead up. There are various new ships introduce of various era, in which comes in Temporal Agent Starter and Temporal Special Agent pack in which comes with various Temporal ships, various uniforms, as to other bonuses in which we will see in the Northern Hemisphere coming Summer 2016 …  also it’s best to watch the trailer in 1080p you’ll understand…?