#SpaceX | #FalconHeavy – is readying up for it’s for its Milestone launch towards The Planet Mars with #Tesla Cherry Red Roadster..

On the months leading to December 2017 SpaceX was in the development process of preparing for its assembly of its largest powerful rocket combination in its carrier rocket fleet…During that month the Falcon Heavy makes way towards the twenty year leased on the Iconic NASA-KSC Launch Pad 39A in which It launched the Saturn V rockets towards the moon, Lunar Apollo Program also the Iconic STS-Space Transportation System- The Space Shuttle Program.. Making its way fully assembled towards the static test firing of the Falcon Heavy in which slated for an early 2018 launching schedule….

In which the Falcon Heavy has combination clusters of three a jointed Falcon nines connected at the first staging level with a combine of twenty seven Merlin Engines with a combine 5.13 million pounds of thrust at lift-off  with the secondary interstage that’s powered by a single merlin engine… The three cores of the Falcon Heavy static test firing are consisting with proven flight with two side mounted falcon boosters -B1023.2 and B1025.2- with a new central core- B1033…….. In which was a milestone for SpaceX in which was slated to have a fully stacked Falcon Heavy before the year of 2017..  for FIT Checking in which testing of all systems with a static test firing  before actual launch of the vehicle to sort any issues to be necessary modifications and improvements to the vehicle also its following in its fleet.. Also is compatibilities with the Launch Complex 39A..


In was previously intended to be launched before the year 2017 is out, but it best to sort any and further issues in hand… in which the process of the Falcon Heavy would be launched on the same modified procedure like the STS-Space Transportation Systems– Space Shuttle program.. in which the Falcon Heavy has the same design configuration in which the payload of which the first two is the Zuma also Tesla Cherry Red Roaster to the planet Mars to test case study the systems required to make adjustments to other improvements in its fleet.. it should be noted the probable launch schedule for the Falcon Heavy is for the later haft of January 2018 launch window after it undergoes numerous Launch readiness testing also reviews before its maiden flight….