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On the 13th April 2023 Hour Hong- Kong SAR – Beijing time CNSA –China National Space Administration   The Chang Zheng – Long March 7 Y7 Carrier Rocket has safely arrived at the Wenchang Space Launch Site on April 13, and will carry out final assembly and testing at the launch site together with the #天舟六号# cargo spacecraft that arrived earlier work, which is currently expected to launch around May 10…….

From the arrival of the Chang Zheng – Long March 7  Carrier rocket to the launch of Tianzhou 6, the final assembly and testing work took 27 days, which is 5 times shorter than the 32 days of the last launch (Chang Zheng – Long March  6/Tianzhou 5). Days, the testing process is further optimized!

A new stage of space station application and development is about to start] The latest news from the First Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Group; the Long March 7 Yao 7 carrier rocket that carried out the Tianzhou 6 mission was safely transported to the Wenchang Space Launch Site on April 13, and the follow-up will be in line with the previous stage The Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecraft that has arrived will carry out the final assembly and testing work in the launch site area together. The manned spaceflight project entered the application and development stage of the space station. All the participants of the project are stepping up their preparations and vowing to make the mission a complete success.

The Shenzhou 15 mission is the sixth mission of China’s manned space program in 2022, and it is also the last mission during the construction phase of China’s space station. The crew will work and live in orbit for 6 months. The main purpose of the mission is to verify The space station supports crew rotation capabilities, realizing the first on-orbit rotation of Takionaut crews; carrying out the installation and commissioning of equipment inside and outside the space station and space application mission-related facilities and equipment, conducting space science experiments and technical tests; performing daily maintenance and repair of the space station; The normalized operation mode of the cabin assembly… . The Shenzhou 15 flight crew consisted of Takionauts Fei Junlong , Deng Qingming and Zhang Lu , with Fei Junlong serving as the commander…

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