#CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 | #HKG2SEA #SEA2HKG #CX858 #CX857 #CathayPacificAirways celebrating nonstop service from #Seattle to #HongKong also Hong Kong’s only direct flight to #SleeplessInSeattle takes off …..

Recently almost about a few months ago on January 2019, Cathay Pacific Airways did an incredible storytelling romantic story telling of two people adventuring in the neighbourhood districts of Seattle, Sleepless in Seattle as one from Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong in needing a break from working in Seattle..  Which he decides to adventure into Seattle from Hong Kong in which takes off from 31st March 2019 on board Cathay Pacific Airways Airbus 350-900 on Flight CX 858.. In which he meets up with the girl whom was on his flight in the café…

As celebrating Cathay Pacific Airways first Direct flight towards Seattle Cathay Pacific commemorations Celebrate that flight on the Airbus 350-900 CX 858, with awarding the passengers with first flight certificates with @Dear Jane.. In which Hong Kong’s grudge rock group Dear Jane was onboard to commemorate where their inspiration music comes from in which heading towards Seattle to do a recording of their musical album project…. Passengers were still excited it’s the first one…  As part of the first flight exhibition, a model of Seattle city, in which the city has some interesting sea views..

In coming back from Seattle towards Hong Kong Cathay Pacific CX 857, nonstop wise happen on the 1st April 2019, in which celebrated the eighth flight from Untied States connecting Seattle to Hong in which during before boarding the flight there was a traditional Chinese ceremony with various festivities…  In which the passengers were given memorabilia of the first direct flight event…   before departing for Hong Kong..