#SpaceX #CRS14 | #FalconNine resupplying the #ISS- International Space Station with a Dragon Cargo…… in a Non Traditional approach…


On Spring Afternoon Monday 2nd April SpaceX is preparing to resupply the ISS – International Space Station in which is current the Falcon nine is currently being ready for the flight ahead for the CRS 14- Commercial  Resupply Service number 14…… launching from SLC40- Space Launch Complex 40 at East Coast  this time last was the Californian West Coast.. Launching from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida launching window 1630 Hours Eastern Daylight Time..  in which follows a just in case window occurs at 1603 Hours Eastern Daylight Time if the first attempt did not meet the Launch Criteria commitment…..

Both Falcon and Dragon CRS MODULE are flight re certified, due previously used in previously launches of supporting CRS 12 resupply mission also the Dragon was previously used in CRS 8 resupply with the International Space Station.. As this is a Non Traditional SpaceX launch in which the carrier Falcon Nine will not be recovered with an off shore drone ship… in which due to the nature of the payload in which has critical components of research, Hardware and supplies to the International Space Station in which supporting investigative research…..

During Wednesday, once the CRS 14 Dragon is in orbit making its way to the International Space Station, it will be retrieve by the ISS’s Robotic Arm transferring supplies equipment to the station also returning materials back to the Earth after a one month duration stay docked , then leaving to re enter Earth after a five hour readiness to allow a thirty minute conventional splash down in the Pacific Ocean in where located off shore of Baja California