BACK TO THE FUTURE | your very own wearable flux capacitor watch….?

think geek _ Back to the Future- wearable flux capacitor watch

Given that you have Captain Jack Harkness wearable wrist worn “Vortex manipulator”… in which will help you to go anywhere in time and space..  Then this might be good to know to have a backup.. Like this “wearable retro flux capacitor watch”…  in case you lost in the tower in London with UNIT…  only going forward and back in time though..

Having it lovely encased as a wearable watch, it’s casing is in Stainless Steel with the same brush texturing like drivable modify DMC Delorean… It has the LCD like dials that featured on the De lorean’s console… In showing the time, the main display with the animated working Flux capacitor charging up… in which makes a good makeshift night light… it as mode it can display random dates like that preparing to run into…

The wearable flux capacitor watch is portionally sized in  approx. 1.4″ x 1.9″ x 0.7″ given its size it’s an everyday watch as you wear it fashionably with, also the strap is adjustable so if you go in to your local watch smith, or jeweller they could adjust size for your wrist size..

BACK TO THE FUTURE | flux capacitor car charger. … Great Scott’s..!

Flux capacitor car


Given that you have two devices that required charging at the same time like your iPhone and some other device that needs charging in your car in which happens to be a modified DMC-12 Delorean…. Then this is for you, it’s a Flux Capacitor car charger with two recharging USB ports, so you could charge up two devices… using your car’s cigarette lighter adapter…

With the flux capacitor car charger… It as a Flux charging lighting effect which is pretty cool.. In a way give you the look and feel of that you’re gearing up for 88 mph to time travel with the capacitance lights going…  The arm of the Flux Capacitor is flexible giving you more room to manoeuvre for your needed charging devices… also it’s nice and simple and very compact.


Like to know more where you could get your Flux Capacitor charger from…?

” Back to the Hallway “

I previous did a post ” De Lorean with mini Flux Capacitor? “ and found an Update- only a few days ago and intriguing trailer of Pony Horton’s work on titled “ Back to the Hallway” the trailer opens up that a mysterious package appears on from door porch of Doctor Emmett Brown, in a neighbour of Hillsdale. He recives it an opens it, unboxing on floor, shiny chrome steel car, De Lorean drives reversely out, frosty with a license plate – out of time- then it begins to come alive traveling back in time in hallway. It will be interesting to see what this becomes a short film coming in the near future.

For more of PonyHorton’s work check it out here on his channel.

De Lorean with mini Flux Capacitor?

“Great Scotts!”

Just found tonight something pretty cool!  A you tuber known as PonyHorton, VFX  testing out for a shot for a short film,  trying to get to the same shot as ILM did, using a Diamond Select Model of the De Lorean variant that was featured in the Back to the Future, in the wild west bonnet. Dragging along the De Lorean in a raw image, adding the visual effects later, on as the miniature is going a speed of eighty eight miles per hour.   ” Man this is heavy!” it’ll interesting to see a mini Tardis also though.

For more of PonyHorton’s work check it out here on his channel.