#AirNewZealand @FlyAirNZ | #Airband- reconnecting you with the little ones that you love…!


The Text reads From Air New Zealand….

“Kia Ora, Confirming Emma has been collected by Jane. Thanks Air NZ”

Air New Zealand has innovatively added more one element in which gives a very peaceful mind to how your love one your children travel on domestic also international flights…. Each way of the process of the flight from booking at the airport then boarding the flight with the flight attendants looking after them till they were received by a relative or a family friend…

The process is when your children boards their flight from getting their boarding ticket from checking in at Air New Zealand’s terminal then they’ll received something like a registered RF Identity Airband bracelet in which it has their information as they travel during flight tracing every steps of the way as they fly towards their destination alone from on Checking in to confirming registration, when boarding the aircraft, as they reach towards their destination  they are received by ground staff also picked up by designated person then the text messages are sent towards the parent in each stage of the process..

The Air New Zealand Airband bracelet also contains your child, children information from meals of type, also medical information for just in case needs… also given that if your child, children orders food and beverages from the Aircraft gallery within they can used the Air New Zealand Pre Purchased Vouchers that you’ve purchase for them instead of using a Credit card within the seating programme..