#ULA- UNITEDLAUNCHALLIANCE #Vulcan |#NGLS- Centaur –ACES- The next generation launcher carrier vehicle- introducing its Newest Sister in the carrier rocket fleet..

As next generations of carrier rocket booster in carrying a payload heavier more, with more affordability, accessibilities to more capabilities with opportunities catering to more far reaches towards from Geo stationary orbit to space to the planet Pluto..  The newest Sister the ULA- United Launch Alliance – NGLS-Vulcan-Centaur- ACES hybrid has a slight different Dress silhouette cut than her older sisters, in which she wears a more sleeker, stream line figure… accessorizing with either a four to six SRB external Solid Rocket  Booster with also either comes with a four to five meter payload fairing configuration..

As its newest sister, the Vulcan-Centaur NGLS consist of a newly develop locally made engine, with an introduction of a newly develop ACES- Advanced Cryogenic Evolved Stage in which will gives an more advantage in capacities than her current sisters like her Atlas V .. Consisting in her main stage is two engines, while the advanced Centaur staging is consisted with a single engine..  in the second phased of the program development the NGLS-Vulcan the secondary staging will be replaced, accessorized with more advance ACES staging secondary booster staging in 2023 which will give more extreme equal capabilities comparatively to the Delta IV Heavy in launching heavier payloads ..

As the development staging in finalizing its final design process in which will undergo its CDR- Critical Design Review in finding the engines the manufacturing tooling, assembling  sites to the , also the launch complex sites  in which will finalized in the 2017 calendar year to its maiden flight in the 2019 launch scheduling..