#DoctorWho #神秘博士 | #JodieWhittaker #TeamTARDIS #TheEdgeOfTime – for an upcoming Virtual Reality game soon adventuring finding the #13thDoctor …..

 Coming Soon on September 2019 Doctor Whoon The Edge of Time , is a new member of Team TARDIS in which is you exploring with The Doctor among with her Team in a Virtual Reality headset game that’s played with the PlayStation VR, also with the Oculus… ….. As you adventuring with the Doctor you’ll find as she was thrown through at the end of time also at the end of the universe as you begin to search for her…

 Exploring with the team in which you’re armed with a Sonic Screwdriver with a curiosity of adventure exploration you adventure with problem solving skills that make you think when you encounter puzzles … in which you encounter with classic and new monsters in which during adventuring you find the doctor to help to stop the Daleks and others in destroying the fabric of reality. In which stopping a powerful virus that threatens to tear reality apart as you pilot the TARDIS to recover the time crystals that can repair the reality of time in which leading towards the repair of the universe…..

The Doctor Who – The Edge of Time, is based inspired on the Doctor Who series, in which is played on the Playstation VR, also Oculus in collaboration with Steam VR, VIVE …. In which is developed by publisher Playstack and developed by Maze Theory..