#Arianespace #Airbus | Flight #VV13 launching the #MOHAMMEDVIB # Satellite from the #Vega #CarrierRocket for the Kingdom of Morocco Government for #EarthSciences …

Arianespace Airbus Thales Alenia Space | Flight VV13 launching the MOHAMMED VI B Satellite from the Vega Carrier Rocket for the Kingdom of Morocco Government for Earth Sciences …


On 20th Tuesday November 2018- French Guiana time, launching from French Guiana from the VLC- Vega Launch Complex is the AirbusAirbus Space and Defense- Arianespace Vega Carrier Rocket, in which placing its ninth launch of the Vega Carrier Rocket in which is a Versatile Light Launcher … launching from before midnight at 1043 local hours French Guiana time …. Launching from Spaceport, French Guiana (Guiana Space Center)….

Launching that flight is VV13, in which launching the MOHAMMED VI Satellite is an Earth Observation Satellite, in which is placed in SSO- Sun Synchronous Orbit, manufactured Contracted by Thales Alenia Space catered for the Government of Kingdom of Morocco in a consortium partnership with Airbus …..

The payload provisionments is used for as an Earth landscaping observation data gathering satellite, Earth Sciences as its main role in which, to data gather for Mapping scanning, terrain surveying activities for regional development in agriculture, also observations in providing data on climate changes, also provides an intelligence role in Maritime, border surveillance ..  The MOHAMMED VI B Satellite is a the second of the its MOHAMMED satellite constellation program in which previous its sister MOHAMMED VI A was launched on the same Vega Carrier Rocket series in 7th November 2017 in which is like a fitting for a one year anniversary


Liftoff is scheduled for Tuesday, November 20th 2018 – French Guiana time at exactly:

8:42:31 p.m., in Washington D.C.

10:42:31 p.m., local time in French Guiana

01:42:31, Universal Time (UTC), on November 21, 2018

2:42:31 a.m., in Paris, on November 21, 2018

 – 2:42:31 a.m., in Rabat, on November 21, 2018