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Friends, the Takionauts are calling you to “Wangtian Palace”! On Hainan Province –China –People’s Republic of China…. in the district area of the Wenchang – Wenchang Spacecraft launch center in which the awesome team at one of many CNSA –China National Space Administration  that China National Space Administration…………… On 24th July 2022… After Wentian experimental …

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On 11thJune 2021 it was the launched of a three Takionaut crewed spaceflight of crew of Shenzhou10  with the crew of PLASSF Colonel王亞平 Wang Yaping – PLASSF Major General聂海胜 Nie Haisheng -張曉光 PLAAF Zhang Xiaogung in which it docked with the China Space Station Tiangong one in which was Shenzhou 10 was launched from CNSA …

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