STAR WARS | _your Lightsaber umbrellas_ your defense against rain….?

think geek- star wars – lightsaber umbrella

At the moment it’s raining over here, also it’s over cast and I’ve got one these, the “Samurai sword umbrella” it serve me well, but not with the Katana also the smaller version the Tanto though, to hack and slash protectively against rain…!  Also just recently watched Keanu Reaves’s 47 Ronin… Also the “Blade runner” and having finding the neon tube umbrella…  Then thinking what makes a good umbrella collection, having found this is for your umbrella collection…

It’s a “Star Wars Lightsaber umbrella”… it features three Saber handles devices such as Yoda’s green, Darth Vader’s red… also Obi-Wan’s blue handle blade..  The length of the Lightsaber umbrella is least 39 inches.. It features a black umbrella cover with either the Imperial or Jedi insignia … having the same amount of umbrella coverage of to the Samurai umbrella with the Canopy Diameter of 47 inches..  one nice thing is having the different brightly coloured shafts is it’ll will stand out in traffic creating a safety feature akin to the Blade Runner’s neon lighted umbrella for night time… also it comes with easy to carry over shoulder sheath.. so it helps you around the city hands free while you’re out in about..