#STARWARS #TheLastJedi | #NYCC- NewYork comic con 2017 – The last Jedi Experience..



During New York Comic Con in where it was held during the duration of 4th to 7th October 2017, at the Jacob K.  Javitia Center located on Eleventh Avenue between 34th and 40th street…. In which if your follow mobile telecommunication Verizon’s work in which they sponsor a series of shows online in which one is Star Wars in which officially features various works also fandom of the Star Wars Universe..

In which one of many Star Wars exhibits that was held during New York Comic Con, as in the previous years you may notices there was flash mob prank in where in a typical Hipster Café was setup to become in a multi of scenes where one actor played her part very well in which she displayed psychic kinetic energy in throwing things around when she gotten upset over something.. in which the same premise was set up in which the stage with live unsuspecting guest from New York Comic Con with the Star Wars The Last Jedi from the First Order in search for someone within the Comic Con as they sign up for events specials they’re unsuspecting being pursued by the First Order Stormtroopers in which they elusively evade them with the help from the resistances. Until Kylo Ren comes along angered that that he failed to find that particular person… he turn on a remaining Resistance fighter which was a decoy then force choke him..