My thoughts – being in a guild-fleet | Star Trek Online


There’s one thing is being a Fleet/ guild is one of the greatest experiences socially, In which I’m currently in. they’re a great bunch of people covering in all great distances of the planet, but when you’re in game the distances are close by. Sometimes you’ll make more online, in-game friends than on other social media networks such as Facebook, or even on Twitter.

Sometimes being in one, there’s a sense of being in a coffee tea house, you’ll stay along, depending what’s the flavour of the beverage of the day or night is. Sometimes you’ll get invited to a different table, doing PVE (player vs. environment), or PVP (player vs. Player) but one thing in particular in gaming you somehow respect the person in a PVP in winning or losing the match, in return the person/ player will do the same, learning what you could do learning more after what you could do win the next match even if you lost, otherwise there will be no game.

On some nights you’ll spend some times alone in game, or in the Coffee and Tea house, and on some you’ll meet up and catching up, and doing teaming PVE’s or mission episode together,  also depend what mission level you are also, also too sharing the rewards ingame . But one thing I did notice it creates a more social learning experience to creating a team together, also learning how to manage, to solve problems together where it’s in or out game related by communicating each other through in game chat.

In some ways you’ll end up have more ingame friends that you’re other social media than to Facebook, twitter, or maybe Google Plus. Plus you’ll may leave a guild/ Fleet in the past I’ve left two fleets, one that no one was around later on and they falling apart in the process that the Fleet members haven’t played for quite some time, the second the fleet was moderately large, but it  later It out grew itself and  have internally falling out. , later on in the process I left and join up with a smaller fleet in which is founded by the previous members of the second, and it’s growing as a family. In a previous post I mention Fleet bases, and how it helps in building a home, how it challenges, and to work for in creating a fleet or a guild with a focus.  There’s another reason I like Star trek online is the responsibilities that comes with it to time share un conditionally the caretaking of the fleet, due to  respectively of gaining progressive rankings throughout the fleet,  also the learning aspects of the responsibilities in communicating and  managing of a virtual team which it is  an awesome learning experience.