#Airbus #A380 | #ANA #AllNipponAirways #JA381A- first maiden delivery of the first #Airbus380 Inspiring Japan with its special very cute turtles livery….

すべての日本通運 ANA All Nippon Airways new Airbus 380-800 Airbus 2018- Photographer J.V. Reymondon

On 13th December 2018, it’s the first of three Airbus A380-800’s that ANA-All Nippon Airways has taken of its delivery of its first Airbus 380-800 series, in which it’s the first in Japan among its many national carriers.. ANA in which with its first delivery it, expanding its market towards catering long hauls return directs flights from japan to Hawaii in which ANA is one of the Carriers that have prolong the Airbus 380 series programme..

Taken its first delivery, in the first quarter of the 2019 year, in which will operate in between from Narita to Honolulu flight route, in which the first out from three is painted with a special edition livery in which depicting the special message of Sea turtles in which is iconically known in Hawaii, each three ANA Airbus 380-800 will be coloured towards a different colour scheme the first is painted blue, in which the second will be painted in green, the third in Orange that’s native to the Hawaiian culture.. the special livery experimentally portrayed to almost the same nature Star Wars concept  ANA layout livery that they’ve taken you star wars theme interior..

The new ANA Airbus 380 livery taken twenty one days to paint out from Airbus Hamburg Paint Shop in where it’s the most complex paint shop assignment taken with an incredible team to paint the 3,600 meters square aircraft surface, painting with sixteen different tones, shades of colours… unlike other paint assignments in which taken least days to complete.. With that Incredible team attention to detail is the critically up most of its one hundred and twenty painters….

Among its first roll out from its Airbus Hamburg paint shop, it was greet with massive reception as it was ceremonial rolled out,  with a massive media  invited on different levels of socials, also mainstream.. Japan’s first Airbus 380-800 series before its first commercial flight will have to undergo its qualifications stage of cabin and flight testing before in which including airflow, environmental systems, interior- inflight systems  also flight testing before its delivery flight towards the Airbus Toulouse Delivery center in France…. Offering with more Airspace by Airbus luxury personal space than its other fleet that ANA flies it meet an increasing demand on extreme heavy long haul flights, with fuel efficiencies also low aircraft emissions …..