#CathayPacific #國泰航空公司 #Airbus #A350 |#MoveBeyond- Experience the life of the #CathayPacificAirways Awesome #AircraftEngineer Dominic ….


In the dedication of ensuring flight safety, is the Asia’s leading Airline Cathay Pacific Airways 國泰航空公司, in working behind the scenes in where ensuring working together as a team where the International iconic Cathay Pacific Cabin Crew-Flight Attendants ensuring you have a heartfelt service of a comfortable flight experience, where the Cathay Pacific’s international experienced Pilot takes you to your destination…. In that collaboration is the crew of engineers. Whom delicate in which of ensuring partaking that preparations of ensuring that your journey is a safely done, in which you’ll see them inspecting maintaining the aircraft ..

As part of the collaborative team is the Aircraft Engineer Dominic in this case he’ll be looking checking inspecting a Cathay Pacific Airbus A350- A350-900 series… “An I’m responsible for every aircraft line maintenance,  I joined Cathay Pacific  in 2001, this year is my nineteen year with the airline in which when he first joined, An Engineer told him when you release an aircraft it may be easy to sign it off in the logbook, but your signature carries a huge responsibility in which because it guarantees the safety of the aircraft and passengers , since then every time I release an aircraft, I take it as a very serious responsibility, , We’re   usually in the office an hour earlier, to check the aircraft’s parking position on the computer, also its condition in real time,  if we discover a problem we have time to get ready, So when the aircraft arrives we can immediately star repairs …. Fifteen minutes before the aircraft arrives, we’ll head out to the tarmac, to conduct a walk around check, in which making sure the area is clear of debris, so the aircraft can taxi in safely…So when the Aircraft is at a stop, we’ll place wheel chocks to prevent it from moving, Then we’ll contact the flight crew via headsets ……. “

“…..The Engineer will check the aircraft door for any damages, then we’ll gives a thumbs up for ground staff to connect the air bridge, We’ll then conduct a general visual inspection of the aircraft to check the fuselage.. Engine, wings, landing gears, also tail, to see if there are any defects…. Inside the aircraft we will first stop by the cockpit to greet the pilot… Then it’s to check the logbook register any defects, although we don’t directly serve out passengers like cabin crew… But as an engineer we have the same dedication to make sure our passengers are comfortable, that the aircraft is safe.  We’ll do our best every step of the way … “

“…….Before Take-off, the pilot and I will do individual pre departure walk around checks, Only we’re sure there’s nothing wrong then will we sign to release the aircraft…. I think being an engineer is both a rewarding and challenging job.. We need to be clam, and also be able to make quick decisions… For every flight that takes passengers to their destination safely and on time. There’s a crew silently working behind the scenes  Every time I see an aircraft that I’ve inspected and released take off safely, even when the going gets tough it all worth it …. “