THE HOBBIT | air new zealand inflight safety video coming soon… ?

Air New Zealand -The Hobbit- upcoming inflight safety video..

In all the inflight safety videos in which “Air New Zealand” is upping the scale of safety since with the  classic “Betty White old school inflight safety video” in which using various of veteran  Hollywood actress and actors demonstrating what to do during in just in case emergencies… In creating with Betty White with Gavin Macleod whom is known as the captain on the late 1980’s television series “The Love Boat” on the Pacific Princess….

It should be surprisingly interesting what Air New Zealand has to offer with the new inflight safety video for the “The Hobbit”… in celebrating the final episode of the Hobbit trilogy.. has we see the final points in  Bilbo Baggins life in  dramatic situations in chess game plays was what’s to come in Middle Earth..  The filming of the inflight safety video.. will take us with Characters of the Hobbit in various locations around New Zealand, centrically around Central Otago known in the past colonially for its gold rush days and stunning raw rich scenery… the inflight is directed by Taka Waititi also expected to have various cameos from Sir Peter Jackson, Sir Richard Taylor and various cast members of The Hobbit film..  Also it should be interesting to see another iconic safety inflight video… onboard on this year October 2014 in readiness of the” Hobbit the Battle of Five Armies” in December in theaters in 2014….