#SPACEX | #Iridium2- That west coast launch with “Just Read the Instructions- I still Love You..” – Highlights.

It was only forty eight hours ago that there was a SpaceX Launch from that Iconic NASA-KSC launch complex 39A that launched the first Bulgaria Telecommunications satellite BulgariaSat-1   in which was launched on 23rd June 2017 in which that Falcon nine reusable landed on a drone ship “ I still Love You..” ….. In which happen on East Coast… Within forty eight hours it was the West Coast  in which from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California from Space  Launch complex  4E (SLC-4E)

The 25th June 2017 is the  Iridium 2  launch is particular unique in which it launches ten Iridium satellites in low earth orbit for a telecommunications company in which provides the provisions of Data, Voice mobile high velocities data communications…  In which that launched has partnership with Thales Alenia Space whom are the manufactures of iridium satellite systems…  As the east coast launch is also duplicated wise of landing on a drone ship on Pacific Ocean “Just Read the Instructions” ….. with the Iridium launch it as series of launches in which a total of seventy five iridium communications satellites launched in a units of ten per launch..