#StarWars #DisneyParks | #GalaxyEdge #YourStarWarStory on Planet #Batuu glimpse of the #MillenniumFalcon on #SmugglersRun …. Running towards the story of #RiseOfTheResistance..

Coming soon on in between Disneyland Resort in the summer 2019, also Walt Disney World Fall 2019, is the new awaited Star Wars theme park in which is coming soon is the Galaxy Edge.. in which there’s various storylines in which you also tell, live your story in the in a Galaxy far away in where the battle in between the rebellion-resistance, the Imperial- first order..

Star Wars- Disney Parks featuring the Black Spire outpost on the Planet Batuu.. in which your adventure starts..

In which still under construction, in which you place your story in a Planet Batuu… in which you story play fly on the Iconic MillenniumFalcon- the iconic ever so constant YT1300 Corellian Freighter avoiding the imperial forces in which you explore on trading port, among rouge traders, as exploring other outpost there’s the Black Spire on the planet Batuu on the Other Rim… with shopping, cafés, restaurants within the Black Spire outpost..   The Millennium Falcon introduction gives your story adventuring on a mission as you pilot with group of your friends adventuring in piloting fighting the first order..

Among adventuring in the Other Rims is the avoiding the First Order, in which you experience avoiding the First Order Stormtroopers, in there installation in which you might encounter Kylo Ren, learning the very beginnings of the first order as the Imperial forces was devastated on the Planet Jakku.. Then fleet towards the unknown rims to rebuild…

#StarWars #DisneyParks | Your Star Wars story through Galaxy’s Edge…

During the Disney’s D23 Expo in which was held at 14th – 16th July 2017 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles… in which Disney presents also showcase the future, on upcoming projects that along the way.. One major Project that’s under the way is the Star Wars – Disney Parks – Galaxy Edge in which Bob Chapek – Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts reveal the name of a Star Wars theme Park that’s underway in which is set to open in 2019..

The Star Wars Theme park features many interactive systems that give you an experience in the Star Wars Universe in writing your Star Wars Story as you adventure through many new thematic elements inspired from all three StarWars trilogies also from the various stories that associated with the A Star Wars Story… the theme park takes you along the a township in which replicates with from Naboo towards  Tatooine Coruscant…… within the Star Wars Galaxy Edge township you’ll interact with the township citizens with various other attractions within the Township show casing other sub elements with iconic spacecraft from the series also that Classic YT-3000 Corellian Freighter  Millennium Falcon…… parked in which already awaiting for its next adventure with Rey, Chewbacca and you..