#BlueOrigin #NewShepard | #Mission8 Test Flight- with working visa Mannequin passenger #Skywalker – Highlights……

On 29th April 2018 on a very fine Sunday in West Texas in which it only just briefly Thunderstorm rained early that morning at 0945 Hours Eastern Day time… On that Sunday it was the Launch of the Blue Origin’s Test Flight Mission Number Eight..  Excitingly commentary the launch is in which is Ariane Cornell- Business Development and Strategy for Blue Origin is… exciting as the crew of the Blue Origin as they waited for the launch collaboratively from different parts of the country….

During the process counting down towards the Mission Number eighth launch there was numerous understanding belays, or holds has the Team Blue Origin tweaks, modifies, repairs out any issues that arises during the counting down towards the launch ….. As New Shepard launched with a Apogee of 107 Kilometers reaching before the Command module separated… In which it landed secondary after the first stage New Shepard landed without any issues, landing textbook.. with powered up  by  the singular BE-3 Engine in which is different than from the SpaceX nine Merlin Engines.. New Shepard features more like the SpaceX Falcon Nine reusable, in which is like a Jeep version rather than like a Tesla roadster in which is SpaceX…

launched from Blue Origin West Texas launch complex is the New Shepard..

Apart from the Launch is the second time the Mannequin Passenger named Skywalker has flown on a test flight- Skywalker previous rode the December 2017 Mission seven test flight… Among with Skywalker in which workingly conducting astronaut telemetry and science studies, several sets payloads was onboard the New Shepard Command Module in which are payload contracted to NASA-National Aeronautics And Space Admistraton also aswell to the DLR- German Aerospace Center Commercial customers..

NASA’s payload was from the Johnson Space Center- SFEM-2 Suborbital flight Experiment Monitor -2 in which was design to data collect the various payloads in an environment in flight cabin collecting (CO2, pressure, acceleration, acoustics) for the Orion command module

New Shepard does another text book landing as its design like a SUV in mind.. reaching 107 Kilometer apogee then separating descending back..

The Second NASA’s Payload was the SC-1X- Schmitt Space Communications – naming after the Apollo 17 Astronaut Schmitt was design to test the frame work of using easy access of commercial WI-FI in Space for users in which this payloads experiment is commercially funded in collaboration with NASA’S Flight Opportunities Program…  Among with the other payload that was sent up during the eighth mission that’s delicate Daphnia-  in using microgravity effects on gene expressions on water fleas.. in building life support systems for human explorations..  Equipage was to study the motions in microgravity in state far from equilibrium of Granular gases in which not possible to examine on Earth…

Apart from Today’s eight mission launch was a success in which despite that the launch was on hold several times it also provide refinement data for the ninth launch that the next wouldn’t face any holds… or reduce holds

BLUE ORGIN – NEW SHEPARD | Escape crew command module flight testing – escaping that Anomaly- Job well done.. !

On 5th or 6th October 2016 on a very clear dry blue weather skies “Blue Origin” has flight tested it escape module, in escaping that anomaly.. On West Texas Launch test site, as Arian Cornell and Phil Hahn provides the narratives on this morning on fifth flight on the New Shepard on the reusable booster, also this is the sixth flight on the Reusable New Shepherd command module…

The way how the New Shepard Command Module escape works when detected an Anomaly or sorts, in this test flight they expected to lose the booster in which the separation of the Command module has separated successfully in which the New Shepard Command module landed with braking chute then the primary chute to bake the fall also the retro rockets system kick in to cushion the impact safety  also retrospect , apparent the booster has landed back on surface with it landing gears bracing for landing..

Like Mercury, Apollo, and Soyuz, New Shepard has an escape system that can quickly propel the crew capsule to safety if a problem is detected with the booster. Our escape system, however, pushes rather than pulls and is mounted underneath the capsule rather than on a tower. The escape motor vectors thrust to steer the capsule to the side, out of the booster’s path. The capsule then coasts, stabilized by reaction control thrusters, until it starts descending. Its three drogue parachutes deploy near the top of its flight path, followed shortly thereafter by main parachutes. On a nominal mission, the escape motor is not expended and can be flown again and again.

As safety of the crew also the payload is critical to any mission that regards in launching into space during the transition from launch pad into orbit… from that transition returning back to earth as well…… The “ Blue Origin-New Shepard” has for the escape system it’s very close similar to the previous configurations like of Mercury, Apollo, Soyuz and Gemini all have an escape tower carrier module to jettison among with the command module immediately away when there’s an anomaly detected that threatens the crew.. in with its tradition design..  As innovative as New Shepard that system is built constructed housed within centrally the below of mounted underneath…. As the Reusable Command Module detects an anomaly the explosive clamps is release that’s holding the Command module together from the main stage then it’s rockets out on path control by reaction control thrusters to a safety descending then deploying multiple of parachutes to slow down the level of acceleration of descending location with the reusable escape rocket engine ….