STAR TREK ONLINE | the Mogh Battle Cruiser- a dangerous Briefly..

KDF Mogh Battle Cruiser

Since the launch of the Avenger battle cruiser class, in which commanding it in sense is a very dangerous ship class also the fleet variant, than of having of a lock box ship.. Than next to of either getting the Jem’ Hadar Escort carrier or its larger version the Dreadnought class… in which they do throw a deadly punch as to like to Uma Thurman’s The Bride in Kill Bill trilogy..

There’s a new ship class in which the KDF (Klingon Defence Force) have sparkle and inspiration from the Starfleet, its own Battle Cruiser class..  From what I gather in has the very inspiration of a same ship size manner as to the about 450 meter Avenger Battle Cruiser.. But aggressively looks in-between the Vor’Cha and the Bortas Class the counter of the Starfleet’s Odyssey class…  From it looks it has very heavy hulling plus plating also its windows too are armoured…

Weapon wise I’m gathering it’s the same as to of the Avenger Class battle Cruiser.. Five forward and three rear weapons slots, given it’s a Tier Five ship..  Consoles arrangement presumably gathering it’s four tactical also engineering, then one or two sciences…   there’s one thing I like about this ship it’s centre of mass, it looks like its highly very swiftly… so you could operate at very low impulse and provide more ship power to weapons.. And do some serious damage.. From operating a beam array, forward heavy cannons with some turrets weapons mixture..  As to the Avenger Battle Cruiser class equipped with extra abilities like as to the VATA -Variable Auto Targeting Armament three command systems, so does the Mogh giving it’s Dynamic Defence Deployment systems..Presumably with these specs as to of the Avenger Battle Cruiser class…?

There’s two variants, the standard Mogh, also the Fleet Variant, in which as optional straight warp pylon nacelle look akin to the Avenger class… the Mogh battle cruiser Class comes out on 12th December 2013 in the C-store…  but it’ll be interesting to see how it compares with its Starfleet Avenger Battle cruiser counter…?