WORLD OF WARCRAFT | WARCRAFT the trailer….. Reliving Azeroth…!


“Warcraft” based on “Blizzard Entertainment’s world of Warcraft” in which takes you through one off the most popular MMORPG of many besides Star trek online and Star wars the old republic…..As Warcraft takes us into that world in between the Humans and the Orcs whom world is in desolation with famine and in need of further food and resources as theirs are exhausted to survive through not least that a few seasons.. As they begin  one whom is alone Orc  and his family is challenging that survival by force.. As they also tries to struggle to survive in the realm of Azeroth.. Also challenge by humans whom fear what the orc expansion onto their lands whether it’s for peace or an all-out war between the two civilizations…  It has many characters in Azeroth whom’s strives for many things..

The world of Azeroth is beautiful as the level of detail of the Warcraft fitting the detail of armour that I love telling that story to the nearest exact detail of Orcs… as the next leveling of gaming realism also this first story should gives whom new this an introduction into what is this, and sense what’s happening in gameplay as well attracting more into the “world of Warcraft”  and living their adventures….. as to with Star trek online and Star Wars the Old republic..

As it’s also Bizzcon 2015, they releasing many more hints of what further the Warcraft movie is also set to be released by Universal Pictures directed by Duncan Jones, produced by Charles Roven.. In Theaters on 10th June 2016