BLIZZARD – GAMESCON 2016 | The Beautiful video game theme score- video game concert. …….


This month featuring the latest game on various gaming platforms in Europe in Cologne, Germany between 17th to 21st August 2016 is “GamesCon 2016” as to “E3” in Los Angles….. Game music scores is just intense as being score onto television, and Movies in setting that emotional tone towards in getting the scene in the storyline, in bring out the emotional tactile words out in which the visual can’t but only do only a component of it..

The Video Game Concert lived stream on 19th August 2016, with various tittles from “Blizzards” gaming tittles, such as World of Warcraft, StarCraft, OverWatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the storm, Diablo with the host introduction from Tommy Tallarico VGL-Creator/ Producer, conducting the orchestra is Russell…  Streaming live where 360 degrees views of the concert where you can be immerse in the where the orchestra…..