#DoctorWho #JodieWhittaker | #13thDoctor – #SegunAkinola redention of the Queen of Electronic Music #DeliaDerbyshire iconic #BBC #RadiophonicWorkshop opening score….


On 1963 an iconic theme score in which was composed by the Queen of electronic music that is Delia Derbyshire whom composed the trendsetting completely ahead of her time is the Doctor Who opening tune, also it’s other musical score works.. In which with hundreds of passionately hours, in composing, with what they have to ensemble the score at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop..  Composing from various methods from handcrafted mathematically creating, editing composing reels of electronic music before the synthesizer became to the scene..

As season eleven, was in production, a new score was required, in which taking over from Murray Gold, is Segun Akinola with a massive undertaking, in which he went back towards the inspiration of early days of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop days in composing the new iconic rendition opening score or Jodie Whittaker’s 13th Doctor.. in which his role is to aid the emotional storytelling in a with a new soundscape approach towards the score, in with various genres hybrid.. Also the emotional music storytelling inspired by the conservation with the Executive writer Chris Chibnall, with Jodie Whittaker in what sets the tones… Drawing those notes in composing the emotional musical voice for the scene giving that extra layer of storytelling..

DOCTOR WHO | That 1963 iconic Delia Derbyshire opening theme …?

In this Matthew Sweet explores the original 1963” Doctor Who” iconic theme tune in which was record analoguely on a magnetic tape like its smaller version of the cassette tape that was used on listening music during the 1960 to early 1990’s … during the exploration Mark Ayres from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop Archivist opens up the original Master Tapes from 1963 Delia Derbyshire works also composition by Ron Grainer…. As the exploration continues without using white gloves when they load the reel in player… and hearing timeless Delia’s Iconic theme… in which she pioneered the electronica music moment..