DOCTOR WHO | the new doctor lands at August 2014…?

In August the (Peter Capaldi) twelfth Doctor Lands, it’s going to be interesting for Clara Oswin to see the transitioning between the (Matt Smith’s) 11th Doctor, like how on the same story line how for ( Billie Piper) Rose Tyler’s experience from 9th to tenth.

What I see here in the trailers, presumably that Peter’s Doctor is trying to fly and land the Tardis, moments after regenerating from the events that happen on Christmas on Trenzalore…  Or simply something happen during the time causing dear Sexy the Tardis to have her consoles sparked… While taking for cover…

As for the Rain, the premise for the 11th, it’s his story now, guessing also that this is first time that the 11th Doctor is seeing, experiencing new moments for the first time…. as Clara tries to Nursing him back after what had happen to him… regaining the sense of self of whom he is… as they travel back into adventuring.. Brilliantly done by Doctor who YouTube John Smith,  creating that brighter moment..

Doctor Who | The Day of the Doctor- a playlist

“Great men are forge in fire….. “ – The Doctor- John Hurt’s 

As two weeks draws near for “ The Day of the Doctor” Doctor Who, which happens to be on 23rd November 2013, in which featuring  three Doctors, John Hurt, David Tennant, also Matt Smith’s, in gathering mystery of a painting, painted by Elisabeth, in which UNIT has present to Matt’s Doctor with Clara, in a the devastation of Gallifrey, of somewhat of the Time War between the Time lords and its Allies in battlement with the Daleks… in which during that time emergency regenerated the eight point five Doctor.. as the premise is akin to Krypton’s faith also.. the battlement against the Zygons

The interesting think, is that the Matt’s and David’s Doctor is comparing notes, between sonic screwdrivers, Tardis  Desktop Themes, and even spectacles that they both wear fashionably..  while John Hurt’s Doctor sits on the slide lines and watches his future self-comparing notes ..

In the various trailers of the Day of the Doctor, Rose Tyler ( Billie Piper) fashionably dressed in akin the game of thrones, Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke)  seems to have a essences of the Time Vortex within  her eyes… interestingly mysterious…

As yet we’ll see what to come on the Day of the Doctor on the 23rd November 2013.. #SAVETHEDAY