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In Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong, Discover Hong Kong in collaboration with Time Out Hong Kong– Treasures of the Heart ..  these collaborative intriguing adventures around Hong Kong, in which each street, neighbourhood  has its own story to tell historically with the present residing with that constantly written pages as each day unfold..

One district of Hong Kong in which is iconic for its collections of hard to finds items in which is in a region district within Kowloon in which is north western part of the Kowloon district name…  A historical vibrant neighbourhood 深水埗 Sham Shui Po translated as Deep Water Pier.. is a place in which you may find interesting relics form history transcending into being reused, recycled resold in street markets in which Sham Shui Po has been known for with among with iconic street marts colourful street markets stalls.. among the street markets it’s also where heart of Hong Kong’s Fashion starts from with fabrics, textiles assortments stalls where well know Hong Kong Fashion Designers started there seamstress , tailor ship from……even though Shan Shui Po is a well less neighbour it’s richness lies with the people of Sham Shui Po..

In this a young Sha Shui Po man , whom grew up in the neighbourhood, also whom bikes towards his work, home and around the streets of Hong Kong, in which Hong Kong is one of the leading walkable and bike-able city in the world in which he opens up and operate as small workshop studio.. in which one part of his  stories leads towards a senior elder Craftsman He whom and his wife used to have a manufacturing workshop like he did but it got burn down in the process.. But the only remains of his factory was his burnt chair… in which repairing his chair seems beyond repair… The young Craftsman proposes a design that could restore what’s left of the chair….. During the week they work on it together… In which that restoration that Senior Elder Craftsman He recommended that its best to use in the young Craftsman’s workshop studio where it’s best used and appreciated by everyone whom visits…