#RocketLab #火箭實驗室 |#RunningOutOfFingers also celebrating with #Rosie with a milestone of ten #Electron #CarrierRocket launches ….

On sixth December 2019 on its Tenth Milestone Launched termed Running Out Of Fingers  …. An American – New Zealand based Carrier Rocket company Rocket lab in which it’s preparations for an launching window from  25th November 2019  in which is bound to be launched from the eastern coast of North Island New Zealand from its Mahia Peninsula Launch complex one launch for the late February calendar.. In which it’ll be position in a LEO –Low Earth Orbital position… In which its launch time reference is on the sixth December 2019….   Also featuring the next generation’s series of the Electron 3D printed booster rocket engine for its tenth launched…

Launching featuring Electron Carrier Rocket with its carbon fibre fuselage with its next generation 3D printed engine… is this mission will carry deployment of several Commercial Small Satellites into its designated orbit in which the Next Generation Electron Engine is designed to be used as Reusable for the Reusable first Staging Carrier Rocket in which is test driving for any lessons learn towards full commercially of a cost effective reusable carrier rocket..  In which during marks an important milestone for tenth mission in which counting those flights with fingers in running out of fingers..  The staffs on their first launch were the momentous with first time excitement …..  In which they share their moments…in which during that time they also celebrated that milestone with the additional Mahia Peninsula Launch Complex One A  as to North Island -New Zealand- Mahia Peninsula Launch Complex One learnt lessons of  of Northern Hemisphere Wallops  establishment of the Launch Complex two.. 

Introducing Rosie is the rocket building robot. Rosie is a custom built 140 square meter robot that enables the precision machining of Electron’s carbon composite structures, including stage 1, stage 2, and the fairing. In just 12 hours, all marking, cutting, drilling, milling, and sanding is completed on a vehicle, in which reduces the time of manufacturing of the core stages of the Electron Carrier Rocket.. in which producing one Carrier rocket within every  twelve hour cycle in which ready towards the assembly removing the hundreds of hours of drilling