#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #國家航天局 | #InternationalWomensDay celebrating by the first two female #China #Takonauts colonel# 王亞平 #WangYaping ….. Lieutenant colonel #劉洋 #LiuYang….in which honouring International Chinese Heroes of the fighting of #Covid19..

On 8th March 2020 it was International Women’s Day in which is  is celebrated on the 8th of March every year around the world. It is a focal point in the movement for women’s rights… within that celebration two China’s – People’s Republic of China- China female PLASSF – People’s Liberation Army Strategic Support Force Takionauts colonel 王亞平Wang Yaping also Lieutenant colonel 海洋 Liu Yang….  Of CNSA – China National Space Administration.. Both sends their messages in honouring  paying their highest respects of the brave international heroes in holding their post  also of the women compatriots whom fighting heroically to protect lives from all walks of life on fighting the front lines at the epidemic  of Covid-19 virus in China …..

[ CNSA- China National Space Administration Takionaut – colonel 王亞平Wang Yaping # 致敬 大大 她 #] for International Women’s Day

“I see you who are treating patients on the front line of epidemic resistance, I see you who are walking the streets and serving the people, and I see you who are holding their posts in all walks of life. # 愿 你 Being gentle in this world # We are all guarding everyone and our families in a retrograde and persevering manner, and we have given this Women’s Day the most special, authentic, and warmest meaning. “White angels fighting against the epidemic Pay high respects

【航天员王亚平#致敬了不起的她# 】“我看到抗疫一线医治病患的你,我看到走街串巷服务群众的你,我看到各行各业坚守岗位的你。愿你被这个世界温柔以待# 我们都在以逆行与坚守的方式守护着大家与小家,更赋予了这个妇女节最特别、最本真、最温暖的意义。”向奋战在抗疫一线的白衣天使致以崇高敬意


[CNSA- China National Space Administration Taikonaut – Lieutenant colonel, PLASSF 劉洋 Liu Yang sends blessings to # 最美 她 #] on International Women’s Day..

When the epidemic was raging, countless female friends resolutely went backwards and went to the epidemic area to fight heroically and protect their lives. Female compatriots from all walks of life resumed work and resumed work to fight the epidemic. Pay the highest respect to the sisters who are fighting on the front line of the epidemic! Best wishes to all female compatriots. # 致敬 了 大大 的 她 # Whether it is a spring breeze,

【航天员刘洋为#最美的她# 送祝福】在疫情肆虐的时候,无数女性朋友毅然逆向而行,奔赴疫区英勇战斗、守护生命。各行各业的女同胞们复工复产,同心协力抗击疫情。向奋战在抗疫一线的姐妹们致以最崇高的敬意!向所有女同胞送上节日最诚挚的祝福。致敬了不起的她# 无论是春风送暖的日子

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