#MadeInChina #GreaterBayArea #Shenzhen #深圳 #中國 #更大的海灣地區 | #BCM #ShenzhenLightShow lighting up the Shenzhen Central District celebrating with #LaserLightShow anniversary of forty years anniversary of leading international innovations..


In across the special administrative region of In Already Tomorrow In Hong Kong, is another region nearby in the Greater Bay Area in which is one of the world’s international innovations hub leading region is Shenzhen is celebrating the region’s forty year anniversary from developing from a fishing village towards an international innovation technology leader as that region open up in the great leap forward…. in which the City of Shenzhen with its illumining light show is inspired by  Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights..

Celebrating the forty year anniversary of on 28th September 2018, tittle the “Glorious New Era” the Shenzhen Central District commission new building installations in which illuminating forty three buildings in orchestrated symphony, in which premiering with various thematically themes of the City of Shenzhen,  in which the main theme is the Glorious New Era, in which the story includes four chapters  of the Shenzhen’s landscape the mountainous also the seas , the window of reform, the capital of innovations, also the realm of harmony…..

Within the forty three building the central one is the six hundred meter tall is the Ping An Finance Center in which commands the attention also provides as the conductor in orchestra the symphony as the major landmark in conducting the urban city civic centre display with various different techniques with also intelligent control mechanisms in displaying from thematically theme form Chinese Classical Styles toward the modern Pop Culture art that painted illustrated on the buildings of forty three displays that bring in with dynamic and surrounding visually immersive viewing experiences that surrounds the whole centre civic square..


Performing “Four Chapters” to Show “Glorious New Era”

The four chapters highlight the theme of “reform and opening up”:

(1) The first chapter: the city of mountains and seas. Since the reform and opening up, Shenzhen has undergone tremendous changes from Bianbu Agricultural County to a modern metropolis. Beginning to express the mountains and the sea in a classical painting style, it is a peaceful and peaceful scene. The resurgence of the stars indicates that the times are changing and the picture rhythm is speeding up. Using the architectural light and shadow show to express the construction speed of Shenzhen, the picture sometimes enters the sea to appear active fish, and sometimes jumps out of the golden sunlight to illuminate the beautiful life.

(2) The second chapter: the window of reform. It is a wonderful epitome of Shenzhen’s historic changes and evokes common memories. Minghua round sailed into the port, the first shot of the Shekou mountain, and the sculpture of the scorpion cow, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the Luohu Port, the mountain banyan tree, the Qianhai stone, etc., showing that Shenzhen stood at the forefront of reform from beginning to end. In the end, the golden Dapeng wings spread in the sky, symbolizing that Shenzhen is at the forefront of the new era, and the new journey is the best.

(3) The third chapter: the capital of innovation. Shenzhen is a city of innovation and a city with innovative genes. Gathering landmarks around the world through light and shadow, representing the global innovation elements gathered in Shenzhen. The aircraft and high-speed rail represent the convenient transportation facilities in Shenzhen. Genetic engineering, drones and robots represent the level of technological innovation in Shenzhen.

(4) Chapter 4: The Realm of Harmony. A scene in which Shenzhen people live in harmony with nature and live a better life. Through the mangroves and birds, flowers and butterflies, the beautiful ecological environment. Young people are running and dancing in the square. The children are playing and chasing on the beach. Under the blue sky and the blue sea, yachts and sailboats shuttle through, and they have a happy life scene. Finally, the fireworks rise from the ground, bloom in the air, radiate golden light, and bring together the words “Shenzhen welcomes you” to showcase the city’s vastness and eclecticism, reflecting the open and inclusive urban temperament of Shenzhen.