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On the 13th April 2023 Hour Hong- Kong SAR – Beijing time CNSA –China National Space Administration   The Chang Zheng – Long March 7 Y7 Carrier Rocket has safely arrived at the Wenchang Space Launch Site on April 13, and will carry out final assembly and testing at the launch site together with the #天舟六号# cargo spacecraft that arrived earlier work, which is currently expected to launch around May 10…….  On the 24th April 2023 the Advance Cargo Spacecraft #天舟六号Tianzhou 6 has been transferred to the filling and buckling factory building# All the uplink cargo packages and carrying stars of the cargo spacecraft have now been loaded. , The spacecraft was transferred vertically to the filling and cover workshop yesterday, ready to carry out the work of propellant filling and ship cover fitting. …..At present, there is still about half a month before the launch of the Tianzhou-6 cargo ship by the Long March-7 Yao-7 rocket.

天舟六号 Tianzhou 6  On the morning of May 6th 2023, the Xichang Launch Center organized the scientific and technological personnel of the center, the Long March 7 Yao Seven launch vehicle test team and the 天舟6号 cargo spacecraft test team to hold the Tianzhou 6 flight mission decisive battle oath meeting , to encourage all aerospace workers to keep in mind the expectations and entrustments, to bear in mind the care and love, with the fullest political enthusiasm, the firmest will, and the most meticulous organization and implementation, to resolutely win the first victory in the application and development stage of the space station, and to make a new contribution to building a space power greater contribution.

The leaders of the cooperative units participating in the conference include Meng Gang, the commander-in-chief of the Long March 7 rocket of the First Aerospace Science and Technology Group, Cheng Tangming, the chief engineer of the model, Feng Yong, the chief commander of the Tianzhou Cargo Spaceship of the Fifth Academy, Li Zhihui, the deputy chief engineer of the model, and Li Zhihui, the deputy chief engineer of the Tianzhou No. 6 cargo ship of the Eighth Academy. Ding Tongcai, captain of the spacecraft test team, Chen Qizhong, deputy chief engineer of the model, Lu Congmin, deputy chief engineer of the space application system of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Yin Rui, deputy chief commander of the astronaut system of the Astronaut Center.

The conference kicked off with the majestic and passionate national anthem. After the “Tianzhou-6 Flight Mission Decisive Order”, the representatives of the participating units issued letters and expressed their determination in turn. The majestic power of “upstairs”.

In the process of mission preparation, the Wenchang launch site considers that this mission is the first mission in the application and development stage of the space station, and it is also the first mission of the improved Tianzhou cargo spacecraft. It is required to always adhere to the unified leadership of the party committee on space launch missions and comprehensively identify major technical status changes. , Test project optimization and other important and difficult issues, focus on strengthening the concept of quality of life, political quality, character quality and quality, and infuse the awareness of “manned spaceflight, human life is at stake” into every system and every post…

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