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Currently at the moment中國製造 Expace Technology Corporation- a CASIC -China aerospace science and industry corporation has been very busy in building a New Carrier Rocket Factory in Wuhan National Aerospace Industrial Base in which the base will be in operations in May 2020   Kuaizhou Rocket Industrial Park that forms the manufacturing of twenty plus more Kuaizhou Rockets also its other sister larger carrier rockets in process of The assembly test capability of 20 solid launch vehicles……in which is now in operation……

On July 9th 2023, Dongfeng Fengshen officially released Haohan, a 4-speed electric hybrid long-life SUV with a cruising range of 1350km, with the theme of “Hao Yue Qianli Han Xinghe”, and opened blind orders. As a strategic partner of Kuaizhou Rocket, Dongfeng Fengshen solemnly announces that the Kuaizhou-1A solid carrier rocket named “Kuaizhou-Haohan” will be launched someday! At that time, whether it is down-to-earth on land and traveling thousands of miles, or looking up at the stars and exploring the universe in the space field, “Haohan” will be with you…

The 4-speed electric hybrid long-range SUV Haohan debuts! The 1350km battery life will be comparable to that of a rocket!

Just on July 5, Dongfeng Fengshen officially reached a strategic cooperation with Wuhan Chinese Private Space Company CASIC- Expace Kuaizhou Rocket Carrier Rocket, and will launch the “Kuaizhou-Haohan” carrier rocket in the near future. This year is the “big year of spaceflight”. Dongfeng Fengshen joined hands with “big country heavy equipment” to cross the border, allowing “Dongfeng Manufacturing” to bring a “muscle show” full of courage and charm to the industry and users.

3.8L 100km feed energy consumption 1350km ultra-long battery life is enough to reach the rocket launch center in one breath , enough to pass through the atmosphere in one breath.

When “swinging up to 90,000 miles” has already become a reality, when ordinary people can “pick stars” no longer out of reach, when “Kuaizhou-Haohan” is about to soar into space… Haohan, this car is the actual road condition in China, The Chinese-exclusive electric hybrid SUV customized for complex vehicle scenarios is ready to go, allowing users to stay away from the troubles of battery life and enjoy the value and fun brought by super electric hybrid energy saving and performance.

东风风神Dongfeng Fengshen based in Hubei Province, China, People’s Republic of China
Dongfeng Fengshen is an independent mid-to-high-end brand owned by Dongfeng Motor Group. It occupies a core position in Dongfeng’s independent passenger vehicle business. In 2019, Dongfeng Fengshen launched a strategic cooperation with the Chinese National Table Tennis Team to help the brand improve. In 2020, Dongfeng Fengshen officially released the AEOLUS track logo, further rejuvenating the brand…..

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