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Founded in 2015 located in Beijing ….天兵科技北京天兵科技有限公司Tianbing Technology is an Aerospace propulsion system supplier and spacecraft provider One of Sixty Plus Chinese carrier Rocket companies in China, People’s Republic of China ……. Tianbing Technology is an advanced aerospace propulsion system supplier and aerospace vehicle provider. Tianbing Technology independently develops the next-generation ambient temperature green HCP liquid propellant and minimalist aerospace propulsion system. As an upgraded product of traditional chemical propulsion system, it can meet cost-effective aerospace. Advance system supporting needs. The next-generation green HCP aerospace propulsion system, first tested by Tianbing Technology, can be used in the small-vehicle main power and launch vehicle upper-level propulsion system.

[天龙三号Tianlong 3 plans to complete the first flight of the rocket in the first half of 2024] Recently, Tianbing Technology announced the completion of several hundred million yuan in C+ round financing, which will be used for the mass production of the Tianlong 2 medium-sized liquid rocket that successfully made its first flight, as well as the Tianlong 3 The development and first flight of large-scale liquid launch vehicles and engines, the research and testing of recyclable and reusable technology, the construction of Tianlong-3 dedicated launch stations, the construction of batch production capabilities and the improvement of talent teams.

The Tianlong-3 large liquid launch vehicle is tailor-made for the construction of my country’s satellite Internet infrastructure. Its product performance is benchmarked against the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. It has a diameter of 3.8m, a take-off mass of 590t, a LEO capacity of 17t, and an SSO capacity of 14t. It uses high thrust. , the reusable liquid rocket engine will be the first in China to achieve the capability of group shooting of more than 30 satellites in one rocket, meeting the “low-cost, high-reliability, and high-frequency” launch requirements of the satellite Internet. At present, the rocket has completed product design and production and is undergoing ground testing and verification. It is planned to complete the first flight of the rocket in the first half of 2024. Within three years after the first flight, it will have a commercial launch capability of more than 30 rounds per year..

Images and visuals are from their respectives also天兵科技北京天兵科技有限公司Tianbing Technology- Space Pioneer..

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