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Chang’e 8 Lunar Mission is coming soon …!

​​On October 2nd 2023, during the 74th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), the China National Space Administration released an announcement on international cooperation opportunities for the Chang’e-8 mission….

As an important task of the fourth phase of the lunar exploration project, Chang’e 8 is planned to be launched around 2028. It will carry out lunar multi-physical field and regional geological profile detection and research, lunar-based earth observation and research, and lunar in-situ sample analysis and resources. In-situ utilization and experiments and research on small closed terrestrial ecosystems in the lunar surface environment will form a basic type of lunar scientific research station together with Chang’e-7 and others.

Chang’e 8 Lunar Mission brief .. Main goal is to build a basic model of the lunar research station with Chang’e 7 Lunar Mission.. in which Modules consist of  A lander, a Rover, and Operational Robot.. the Launch schedule within the Launch calendar of 2028 of using the International Icon the Chang Zheng- Long March 5 Carrier Rocket variant launching from Wenchang Space Launch Center, Wenchang, Hainan Province, China, People’s Republic of China….

China’s lunar exploration project adheres to the principles of “equality, mutual benefit, peaceful utilization, and win-win cooperation” and opens up opportunities for international cooperation on Chang’e-8 to the international community. Countries and international organizations are welcome to join and carry out mission-level, system-level, and stand-alone-level cooperation to jointly achieve More major original scientific discoveries will jointly promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

➥International cooperation on the Chang’e-8 mission will give priority to mission-level cooperation that can carry out inter-vehicle interaction and joint detection, lunar surface robots with basic lunar surface operating capabilities, as well as other complementary scientific payloads and scientifically innovative cooperation projects.

➥The Chang’e-8 lander is open to 200kg payload resources, and the independent module mass does not exceed 100kg, which is used to carry out system-level and stand-alone-level cooperation projects.

➥The deadline for submitting a letter of intent for the Chang’e-8 mission international cooperation project is December 31, 2023. It is planned to complete the preliminary selection in April 2024 and the final selection in September to confirm the cooperation project.

The fourth, fifth and sixth phases of China’s lunar exploration project, deep space exploration launch schedule: The

fourth phase of the lunar exploration project:
Chang’e 4 will be launched in 2018,
Chang’e 6 will be launched in 2024,
Chang’e 7 will be launched in 2026,
Chang’e 8 will be launched in 2028

The fifth phase of the lunar exploration project:
manned lunar landing in 2030

The sixth phase of the lunar exploration project:
the International Lunar Research Station is launched in 2031

Deep space exploration:
Tianwen-2 is launched in 2025
Tianwen-3 is launched in 2028
Tianwen-4 is launched in 2030 launch

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