#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #国家航天局 |#BRI #September2023 #Geely #GeelyGlobal #GeeSpace #ZEEKER Space-Time Daoyu: From the perspective of system engineering, positively define satellite communication and navigation solutions – world’s first fastest mass-produced satellite Internet passenger car . 

Wang Yang, CEO of Space-Time Daoyu: From the perspective of system engineering, positively define satellite communication and navigation solutions

The world’s fastest mass-produced satellite Internet passenger car – Jikrypton 001 FR was released. Click on the video to witness that Space time Daoyu and Jikrypton are the first to implement vehicle-mounted satellite communication functions, providing two-way satellite messaging and satellite call services.

On September 1st 2023 , Jikr and Space-time Daoyu jointly released the world’s fastest mass-produced satellite Internet passenger car . On the Jikrypton 001 FR, which is about to be mass-produced and delivered, it is the first to mass-produce and realize the vehicle-mounted satellite communication function, providing two-way satellite message and satellite call services. At the same time, Spacetime Daoyu launched the world’s first satellite Internet vehicle-mounted integrated glass antenna and a high-throughput satellite Internet terminal with “vehicle-end” integrated design. In the future, car users can access the satellite network anytime and anywhere, and have a new travel experience.

The following is the full text of Wang Yang, the CEO and chief system engineering expert of Spacetime Daoyu, when he was interviewed by the media at the Krypton Evolution Day press conference:

As a luxury technology brand in the new era, Jikrypton focuses on the research and development of forward-looking technologies for smart electric travel. This time, it has achieved mass production of satellite communication technology for the first time in the world , which fully proves the continuous evolution of the Jikrypton brand. Spacetime Daoyu and Jikryon continue to carry out in-depth cooperation, based on the core capabilities of the future travel constellation, integrating the core technologies of the commercial aerospace and intelligent pure electric vehicle industries to create industry-leading satellite Internet car experience solutions.

The rapid and large-scale application of space-time Daoyu and Jikrypton’s in-vehicle satellite communication services has benefited from Geely Holding Group’s 30 years of development in the automotive industry and its continuous investment in the high-tech field in the past 10 years .

Spacetime Daoyu joined 3GPP, China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) and other standardization organizations in 2018 to conduct in-depth research on 5G+ satellite communication technology and standard formulation. In the Aerospace Communication Technology Working Group of the China Communications Standards Association (CCSA TC12), he took the lead in establishing the project “Research on Key Technologies and Applications of Vehicle Satellite Communication Systems” and participated in a number of CCSA related research projects and standard formulation. Participate in the 3GPP RAN working group to jointly promote the application of LTE and 5G NR communication systems to V2X related research topics and standard formulation. The future R19 version will also continue to actively participate. At the same time, United Jikr completed the “General Specifications for Satellite Communication Vehicle Terminals” standard project at the China Society of Automotive Engineers (CSAE). Together with terminal manufacturers, the Telecommunications Terminal Industry Association (TAF) completed the draft of the standard “Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Consumer Terminals Supporting Low-Earth Satellites”.

In 2021, Spacetime Daoyu has completed the development of multiple vehicle-mounted satellite Internet system terminals and satisfied multiple scenario tests. At the beginning of 2022, Jikrypton and the Space-Time Daoyu team decided to introduce in-vehicle satellite Internet services into mass-produced models. This requires overcoming two major problems: First, this is the first time that aerospace products have been developed and put into production at the automotive level . From product design, software and hardware architecture, component selection and even practicality in multiple environments, all must be satisfied with the vehicle level. Regulatory standards. Second, the implementation paths of satellite communication functions in cars and mobile phones are different. The differences between the automotive field and the consumer electronics field determine the differences in technology evolution routes. Before product release, Spacetime Daoyu has completed testing of all scenarios in more than 20 provinces and cities.

Space-Time Daoyu revolves around the evolution of various models of Jikrypton in the future, and defines satellite communication and navigation solutions positively from the perspective of system engineering.

In addition to the current two-way satellite messaging and satellite calling functions, more cutting-edge satellite glass antenna technology and satellite Internet functions provided by high-throughput flat-panel antennas have entered the actual testing stage. These core technologies and products will be part of Ji Krypton’s continued evolution. In the era of 6G space-ground integration, whether traveling on land, ocean, or at low altitude, human beings’ communication needs will definitely be met. Time and Space Daoyu has made systematic preparations, using forward engineering definition rather than reverse engineering innovation.

Jikrypton 001 FR with on-board satellite communication function is the most important intelligent terminal of Geely system. It is actually the carrier of our travel mode.

In the past 30 years, every technological iteration in the information and communication industry has brought about changes in lifestyles. But in fact, from 2G, 3G, 4G to the current 5G, about 70% of the space on our planet is still not covered by ground network signals. In the continuous iteration of the information and communication industry from 5G to 6G, the integration of space and earth brings more imagination space to intelligent network connection and autonomous driving.

Through the deep integration of aerospace technology and new energy technology, Space-time Daoyu continues to promote the integrated application of communication, navigation, and remote sensing technologies in the travel ecology, empowering autonomous driving and intelligent networking, and providing high-reliability, high-security, and cost-effective Satellite application products and services enable the highly coordinated development of the commercial aerospace industry and the intelligent pure electric vehicle industry.

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