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On the Week of 3rd June 2023 Hour Hong- Kong SAR – Beijing time CNSA –China National Space Administration  At the  CNSA- Tiangong –China Space Station At Saturday 21:29 on June 3rd , 2023,  Hong Kong SAR- Beijing time, the manned spacecraft of Shenzhou 15 and the space station assembly successfully separated. Before the separation, the astronaut crew of Shenzhou 15, with the cooperation of the ground personnel, completed various tasks before the evacuation, such as setting the status of the space station assembly, sorting and downloading experimental data, cleaning and transferring materials left in orbit, and cooperated with the crew of Shenzhou 16. The group completed the work handover.

Held in Beijing Aerospace City – CNSA – Beijing, China, People’s Republic of China…… On the afternoon of July 31st , 2023 Monday , 57 days after the return of the Shenzhou 15 astronauts, the China Astronaut Research and Training Center held a During the group and press meeting, the three Takionauts appeared in Beijing Aerospace City full of energy and spirits, officially meeting the public. More than 20 media including People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Central Radio and Television, PLA Daily, Manned Space Engineering Network,

According to reports, the Takionauts are in good physical and mental condition and have achieved the expected results…… At the meeting, the crew answered reporters’ questions about the stage of staying on the space station and the situation after returning. On the whole, the Takionauts are in good physical and mental condition, and have fully entered the recovery observation stage. After completing the mission and returning to the health assessment summary, the 3 Takionauts will be transferred to normal training work….

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