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On the 27th July 2023  in  CNSA _China National Space Administration -China – People’s Republic of China At 0402 Morning hours Hong Kong –Beijing Time China- People’s Republic of China launch the Chang Zheng – Long march 2D  Carrier Rocket launching from station form Xichang Satellite Launch Center Sichuan Province…..successfully launched the Yaogan 36 satellite and successfully launched 150 consecutive Long March series rockets to set a record….  At 4:02 Beijing time 27th July 2023 today, the Long March 2D carrier rocket ignited and took off at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, and then successfully sent the Yaogan 36 satellite into the predetermined orbit.

The Remote Sensing No. 36 satellite was developed by the Fifth Academy and the Eighth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. This launch is the 480th launch of the Long March series of launch vehicles. So far, the Long March series of launch vehicles has set a record of 150 consecutive successful launches…

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