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[China Space Station Space Science and Application Project Solicitation Officially Starts Application 航人贵海涛From天宫发来听听 ]

CNSA –China National Space Administration The China Space Station space science and application project declaration system was officially opened on the morning of July 20, 2023, Hong Kong SAR- Beijing time.  Taikonaut  桂海潮 Gui Haichao, China’s first payload expert who is performing missions on the space station, sent an invitation to colleagues from the scientific and technological community to do experiments at the “Tiangong”.

In order to promote the overall development of China, People’s Republic of China space science, space application, and space technology, in mid-June, the China Manned Space Engineering Office released the “Guidelines for Space Station Application and Development Engineering Space Science and Application Projects (V1.0)” to openly solicit space science and application projects from the whole society. This solicitation covers four major fields: space science and human body research, microgravity physical science, space astronomy and earth science, and new space technologies and applications. Each field has several themes and directions. The application system will be officially opened at 9 am on July 20 and will end at 16:00 on August 10. For details of the “Project Guide” and the application methods and requirements, please refer to the China Manned Space Engineering Network (www.cmse.gov.cn).

According to reports, the space station, as my country’s “national space laboratory” covering the most complete fields of space science-related disciplines, has the strongest on-orbit support capability, and has unique advantages such as manned participation and uplink and downlink transportation, has deployed world-class scientific research and technology testing facilities on orbit, and has the ability to carry out large-scale space science research. The scientific experiment cabinet, technical test cabinet and support system equipped inside the cabin, and the exposure experiment platform, standard load interface and large load hanging point outside the cabin can support scientific research, technical tests and applications in many fields. In addition, in order to give full play to the comprehensive benefits of engineering services for economic and social development, the China Manned Space Engineering Office will continue to use Tianzhou cargo spacecraft to provide opportunities for the whole society to carry scientific experiments (experiments)…

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