#CNSA #ChinaNationalSpaceAdministration #国家航天局 |#BRI #July2023 #CMS #ChinaMannedSpace #Shenzhou10 #Shenzhou13 #Takionaut #王亞平 #WangYaping inspiring the youth in  the 2023 International Youth Exchange Conference….

CNSA China National Space AdmistratonCMS China Manned Space Shenzhou ten and thirteen Senior Colonel Takionaut王亞平Wang Yaping inspiring the youths , students who listened to her lectures have now become her teammates On the morning of July 7th, the 2023 International Youth Exchange Conference was held at Jinan opened, and Takionaut Wang Yaping spoke at the opening ceremony. She told the story of how a student from Tiangong classroom became her teammate. Wang Yaping said that many students who attended the class in the past devoted themselves to the aerospace industry of the motherland. , I think this is the happiest thing for me as a space teacher, and it is also the biggest motivation for me to continue to spread knowledge and inspire dreams for young people in the future.

  Images and visuals are from their respectives- CNSA –China National Space Administration respectives

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