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On the 16th June 2023 announcement of   Hong Kong Aerospace Science and Technology Group and Zero Gravity Laboratory has announcement of launching of 30-thirty remote sensing cube cute satellites of  Zero Weight Space plans to launch “Golden Bauhinia 7-36” remote sensing 6U cube star with “30 satellites  in one carrier rocket” early next year in the 2024 first quarter year… A few days ago, Beijing Zero Weight Space Technology Co., Ltd. signed a “30 satellites in one carrier rocket” “Project cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, the Zero Gravity Laboratory will provide Hong Kong Aerospace Science and Technology Group with a package of products and services including satellite R&D and manufacturing, assembly testing, and launch services. Launch at the end of the first quarter.

After the completion of the project, it can realize global high-frequency and high-resolution remote sensing monitoring, and provide users with high-precision data support and application services in the fields of earth observation, resource investigation, environmental protection, agriculture, and urban planning.

On previously On June 15th, 2023, the Chang Zheng- Long March 2D carrier rocket carried the Golden Bauhinia Satellite No.37 & No. 38 into space from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. The satellites successfully entered their planned orbits and both are in good operating condition. This is the second launch mission of Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group for this year.

The Golden Bauhinia Satellite No.37 & 38  are both small and high-resolution optical remote sensing satellites that use new-generation high-performance imaging technology. While effectively enhancing the weak signal detection capability and system integration, their weight and volume have been significantly reduced. They have the advantages of quick production, intelligent operation, and cost-effectiveness.

The Golden Bauhinia satellite constellation is a passive-active hybrid low-orbit high-frequency satellite constellation planned by the Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group. The constellation combines optical remote sensing and synthetic aperture radar imaging modes to form an all-weather and all-time dynamic monitoring service system that is not affected by weather conditions such as clouds and rain. The constellation focuses on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area (GBA) and is committed to providing satellite remote sensing services and overall smart city solutions for global users.

零重力实验室 Zero Gravity Laboratory Beijing Zero Weight Space Technology Co., Ltd.    In October 2016, the Zero Gravity Laboratory was established in Beijing. The laboratory is mainly engaged in the research and development of micro-nano satellites and core components. In January 2017, Beijing Zero Weight Space Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. The three core business segments of Zero Weight Space include: research and development and sales of micro-nano satellites and their core components, technical consulting and space-based data services. At present, Zero Heavy Space has more than 30 kinds of micro-nano satellite core component products in six categories with independent intellectual property rights. It has the development and production capacity to complete the micro-nano satellite on-orbit delivery within 10 months, and can provide customers with complete micro-nano satellites. Satellite overall solutions and provide customers with launch and loading services. Vision: 2025: Walking in space (2025: Space Odyssey) Slogan: Let satellites reach life Mission: We pay attention to everything you care about, as long as it is related to micro-nano satellites Goal: To become the leader of global micro-nano satellites

Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group Limited (HKATG) is Hong Kong’s first commercial aerospace enterprise focusing on satellite network engineering and precise satellite manufacturing. Formerly known as Hentech Technologies Ltd (2003), HKATG acts as a pioneer in commercial aerospace industry and technological innovation in Hong Kong.

Located at 15/F, Data Technology Hub, 5 Chun Cheong Street, Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR, China, People’s Republic of China.

HKATG owns five technical centres and manufacturing bases, including satellite manufacturing centre, space environmental monitoring centre, satellite telemetry, tracking and control centre (TT&C), centre for satellite data and applications and precise electronic manufacturing centre.

The core business of HKATG consists of several aspects, for instance, satellite constellation engineering (Golden Bauhinia Constellation and Aurora Constellation), satellite data application, satellite design and manufacturing, satellite assembly and testing, satellite payload selection and specification, satellite TT&C service, PCBA and electronic manufacturing and launching of satellite etc.

HKATG aims for global commercial aerospace service and has strong purpose to improve the world’s aerospace industry.

Gang Hang Ke (Shenzhen) Space Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HKATG. Being the major operating subsidiary of HKATG in the Mainland China, Gang Hang Ke (Shenzhen) Space Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the aerospace technology, satellite application technology, satellite manufacturing technology, research and development of Internet of Things (IoT) application system and technical services.

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