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On 24th April  2023, China- People’s Republic of China- CNSA –China National Space Administration throughout the China- People’s Republic of China in which on that Day it’s China National Space Day in which it is the eighth China National Space Day in which there’s promotional events across the whole nation.. in which this week there’s promotional release themes on the previously hard working campaigns in space collaboratively in which features many successfully accomplishments in between various sectors among with governmentally to commercially industrial innovative designs of space ..

The 2023 Aerospace Day – Space Day of China 2023 poster has a typical Chinese traditional cultural characteristic of the “rebounding pipa” flying image, which represents ancient China’s yearning for the vast universe. It embodies the profoundness of traditional Chinese culture and the cosmology of ancient ancestors full of romantic imagination and heroic practical spirit.

The middle part is the waving astronauts and the “Dongfanghong” satellite, the Long March series of rockets, the “Tiangong Space Station”, “Zhurong”, “Chang’e” and “Xihe” and other milestones in China’s aerospace elements, showing that the astronauts have a vision for the future. With the hope and determination to explore the unknown, we will promote the development of the aerospace industry and devote ourselves to the aerospace dream of building a powerful aerospace country. The middle part of the picture depicts a group of teenagers yearning for science and running towards the future in the form of silhouettes. Advocate to create an environment and atmosphere for healthy growth and scientific exploration for young people, so as to continue the blood of China’s aerospace industry, continuously promote the development of the aerospace industry and the process of human exploration of the universe.

2023 “4•24” China Aerospace Day promotion poster HD original image….. On April 18th  2023, the CNSA -China National Space Administration organized a press conference on the 2023 “China Space Day” and officially released the 2023 “China Space Day” promotion Posters, list of outstanding works.

This event went through four stages of social media  collection, expert selection, online publicity, and review and release, and finally 12 outstanding works were selected. Among them, the poster designed by Fan Zhiming of Fujian Business School was finally determined as the 2023 “China Aerospace Day” poster.

The design of the poster includes four aspects: “Learn about things”, “Inquire about the sky”, “Continuing through the ages” and “Respect Anhui”.

In the picture, there are not only the image of “rebounding pipa” flying into the sky, but also figures such as Hou Yi and the dragon chariot in the portrait bricks of the Han Dynasty, the astrology map of the Song Dynasty, and auspicious clouds, which represent ancient China’s yearning for the vast universe; there are also astronauts, Dongfanghong Satellite , Long March series rockets, Tiangong space station, Zhurong, Chang’e, Xihe and other typical Chinese aerospace element symbols, highlighting the vigorous progress of China’s aerospace industry and depicting the aerospace dream of building a powerful aerospace country.

In addition, the silhouettes of a group of teenagers yearning for science and running towards the future express the vision of continuing China’s aerospace industry and continuously promoting the aerospace industry; local characteristics.

The authors of the other 11 posters (sorted according to the strokes of their surnames) who finally won the Excellent Work Award are Wang Ke, Fang Xijie, marketing planner of Anqing Zhengqi Yuanhang, Tian Xiaoming from Sichuan Aerospace Vocational and Technical College, and Tongjitang (Guizhou) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Sinopharm Group. Li Jie, Chen Jie, Fujian Minjiang University, Hu Yang, Liu Huimin, Zhao Long, Third Center, 208th Institute, Second Academy, Guo Chunlin, Hanmo (Shenzhen) Culture Development Co., Ltd., Guo Chunyan, Beijing Aerospace Changfeng Co., Ltd., China Aerospace Science and Technology International Exchange Dong Zhe from the center, Jiao Zhe and Li Xinyu from Qingdao University of Technology, and Xue Xinting from Beijing University of Technology.

Images and visuals are from their Respectives CMS China Manned SpaceCNSA-China National Space Administration

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