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In which iSpace- Interstellar Glory in which it is the first Chinese Private Space Company to do so successfully commercially first out from sixty known private space companies in China People’s Republic of China…  Founded in Beijing 2016 located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone or known for short as E-Town in Capital of China – People’s Republic of China …

On 7th April 2023 Hong Kong SAR – Beijing time at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center- Inner Mongolia-China – People’s Republic of China, Interstellar Glory Hyperbola-1 verification rocket At 12:00 on  Hong Kong SAR- Beijing time, the Hyperbolic No. 1 solid commercial launch vehicle was successfully launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Inner Mongolia China, People’s Republic of China. The rocket completed the flight safely and smoothly according to the scheduled procedures, and the launch mission was a complete success. The main purpose of this flight test is to verify the correctness of the rocket’s overall plan and to accumulate rocket flight data. The mission is the fifth flight of the Hyperbolic 1 commercial launch vehicle.

Hyperbola-1 is the first rocket successfully entered orbit by a Chinese private rocket company, and it made its maiden flight in 2019. The three subsequent launches all failed, and Yao Liu finally succeeded in a go-around, and the interstellar glory came back to life for a successfully goal.. About 10 minutes after take-off, it entered the scheduled orbit smoothly, and the launch mission was a complete success.

Images-visuals are from Weibo and their respectives..

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