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On the 16th March 2023 On文昌航天發射場Wenchang Spacecraft launch center- Wenchang International Space city, Hainan province, China, People’s Republic of China The first rocket of Hainan Shangfa No. 2 station is a new-generation launch vehicle under research by the Eighth Academy of Aerospace Science and Technology….. On March 16, Yang Tianliang, chairman of Hainan International Commercial Space Launch Co., Ltd., led a team to inspect Shanghai Academy of Aerospace Technology (Aerospace Science and Technology Eighth Academy), through in-depth and candid exchanges, both parties look forward to giving full play to their respective capabilities and advantages, carrying out all-round strategic cooperation in the field of commercial aerospace, and boosting the rapid and high-quality development of commercial aerospace Eco System.

The 805th Institute of the Eighth Academy reported the latest development progress of various newly developed rockets. A variety of new-generation rockets fit the strategic positioning and mission of the Hainan Commercial Space Launch Site, and met the technical requirements of the “three-level” test and launch mode of the No. 2 launch station. Among them, aiming at becoming the model of the first rocket at the No. 2 station, the summary of the research and development of various systems and the ground prototype of the whole rocket has been fully completed, the impact analysis of the launch of each system of the rocket at the No. 2 station of the Hainan Commercial Space Launch Site has been completed, and the launch has been completed. The preliminary design of Taiwan-Taiwan integration has entered into the research and development of flying Carrier Rockets.

During the exchange, He Wensong, vice president of the Eighth Academy, pointed out that the annual rolling production of the Eighth Academy has reached 100 rounds, and a series of new-generation rockets have been planned, including reusable rockets. However, the rocket launch station is currently the bottleneck restricting our country’s access to space, and aerospace scientific research units are looking forward to breaking this bottleneck as soon as possible. The news of the construction of a commercial space launch site in Hainan is exciting. Its completion will surely solve the bottleneck problem of my country’s rocket launches. The Eighth Academy will definitely carry out comprehensive cooperation with Hainan Commercial Development, including multi-form and in-depth cooperation in personnel, projects, technology, and scientific research. He Wensong also said that the Eighth Academy immediately formed an expert team to go to Hainan Shangfa for in-depth exchanges, and work together to efficiently build the first commercial space launch site in China

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