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Founded in 2015 located in Beijing ….天兵科技 – 北京天兵科技有限公司Tianbing Technology is an Aerospace propulsion system supplier and spacecraft provider One of Sixty Plus Chinese carrier Rocket companies in China, People’s Republic of China ……. Tianbing Technology is an advanced aerospace propulsion system supplier and aerospace vehicle provider. Tianbing Technology independently develops the next-generation ambient temperature green HCP liquid propellant and minimalist aerospace propulsion system. As an upgraded product of traditional chemical propulsion system, it can meet cost-effective aerospace. Advance system supporting needs. The next-generation green HCP aerospace propulsion system, first tested by Tianbing Technology, can be used in the small-vehicle main power and launch vehicle upper-level propulsion system.

Space Pioneer – Tianlong-2’s first Carrier rocket launches two remote sensing satellites at the end of March with “one arrow and two satellites …..  Tianbing Technology Company’s Tianlong-2 is planning to launch the “Golden Tower” at the LC-1XX field of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at the end of March. …. Remote sensing cube star.

“Jinta” (“Love Space Science”) is a remote sensing satellite developed by Hunan Hangsheng Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. The cube star is about 40 centimetres high and weighs about 8 kilograms. It is mainly used to verify the key points of the spacecraft. Technology, and at the same time cooperate with popular science education to show the charm of spaceflight. The star is equipped with a star camera, which can provide a large amount of cosmic image materials for the science education of Chinese teenagers and send them back to the ground in real time. In addition, it will conduct the first space test of the feasibility of radio charging in the country.
It is understood that the Tianlong-2 carrier rocket that undertakes the delivery mission has arrived at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, and will complete the flight test mission by the end of March, transporting two remote sensing satellites into a sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of 500 kilometers, which will open up China’s commercial aerospace liquid delivery A new era of rocketry…

Images and visuals are from their respectives also天兵科技北京天兵科技有限公司Tianbing Technology- Space Pioneer..

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